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Social Link

The Protagonist is able to start the Death social link with Hisano after raising the Devil S.Link to the 4th rank. After this point, Hisano becomes available on Sundays at the Samegawa Flood Plain. Unlike every other social link in the game Hisano's social link levels up every time you two meet; thus, not wasting any days on plainly spending time.

Hisano's social link involves her relationship with her late husband which resembles The Protagonist. She believes that she was the cause of his passing and views herself as the embodiment of death. She speaks of how she met her husband through his life as an actor and how she professed her love to him which lead to their love. However, due to his career as an actor it was difficult for him to stay at her side, to keep in touch with one another they constantly exchanged a large number of letters. As she tells the story of her husband she talks about how soon after their marriage her husband became very ill which lead to amnesia. Slowly the husband forgets everything about Hisano to the point that every time her saw her he asked who she was. After Hisano's husband had finally passed away, she realized that as he was dying, due to him not knowing who she was she constantly wished for his death so she would not need to keep taking care of him. At this point after killing her husband through her wishes, she starts calling herself death.

After hearing her story, she mentions that while selling her possessions she accidentally sold all the letters she and her husband exchanged with one another. In the game it is the protagonists' duty to get these letters back from Daidara of the weapons shop. Getting the letters back, Hisano is filled with joy and begins to see the positive points in her life once again. After discussing it with the Protagonist she decides to move in with her grandchildren while telling The Protagonist to live his life to the fullest.

After completing Hisano's S. Link The Protagonist receives an Old Fountain Pen and the ability to create the persona Mahakala of the Death Arcana.




The Death Arcana


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