silver_dewsky's Hitman 2: Silent Assassin (Xbox) review

Agent 47 Targets The Consoles for the 1st time

Silent Assassin introduces console players to Agent 47 Nicely.
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin was the first Hitman game in the series that I played, and I was pretty amazed by it. It also happens to be the first game of the franchise to target the consoles. This puppy graced the Xbox, PS2, and yes, even the Gamecube. What was surprising is that it played almost identical on these platforms as well. Another great thing about this game is that you didn't have to play the first to understand what was going on, but instead wanted to play the first just to have more time with this bad ass character.

The Story starts out when you play as the Retired Agent 47, A professional killer cloned from the DNA of the world's top assassins. You actually are living near a church and gardening for the priest when the bad events start to take place. The priest that is waiting for you at the confessional area inside the church gets kidnapped by men who obviously know you, and Agent 47 readies himself once again to kill.
Taking out Targets in Silent Assassin will take you to many diverse locations.

Gameplay for the Hitman series consist of choosing the best way to get the job done, either guns blazing, or hiding in plain sight through disguises given unofficially by their original wearer. You then have a suspicion meter that helps indicate how safe you are in disguises, and your likelihood to get caught. Say for Example, If you are disguised as a cook for someone, it would not be smart to be snooping around upstairs with a fully loaded gun in your hand.  The game encourages you to find sneaky ways to a target, and gives you great tools to do the job. You arsenal consist of pistols, assault rifles, and everyday items to use against your targets. Even a golf club is later available to use.
Another great feature about the Game is you can play it in 1st or 3rd Person.

what made this game stand out for me when it released was it's freedom, story, and gameplay, and playing it here and there now, it still kind of holds up to me. Unfortunately it's not backwards compatible for Xbox 360, but you can still find copies of it for the original Xbox, and PS2 for a decent price. If you want to check out the Hitman games, I would suggest starting out with this one.  3.5/5

+ Great Gameplay, Atmosphere, and Amazing Soundtrack
+ Interesting Character and Storyline
+ Plays well on whatever system you play it on
-  Annoying A.I of enemies at times
                                                         ? Not backwards compatible!

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