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Is anyone else getting rather excited about the mode they revealed in Germany?

I, like a lot of people, loved the mechanical sandbox of Blood Money's levels, watching the pieces move about and deciding what to do, going back and playing again until I was happy with my solution and how things played out and having seen a fair number of the possibilities in there to play with. It's the opposite of trying to get through a level quickly, the entire small world is there to slowly be toyed with and observed until every pattern is visible to be poked to see how it reacts.

This new mode lets you into each of the levels and lets you decide on who must die, how they die, if anyone else can be hit, if Agent 47 is allowed to be disguised, where he exists the level. You just walk into the sandbox and do what an assassin does and the game creates a contract based on what happened. Then that gets uploaded and others can try and match your conditions and see if they can also get the same results (by any means necessary) or at least come close for a lower scoring run at the contract. Brilliant! Every level just got every possibility explored by the player base and some interesting challenges will float to the surface that reuse the levels you know from playing the game but with different objectives. I can see this being a lot of fun. I was slightly worried about how Absolution would play out (Blood Money removed the jank from the earlier titles and was great for it but this one seems like maybe it was going too far to find a wider audience but that seems to have been just a PR push that relied too much on getting new people to look at it rather than preaching to the base that already knew what they wanted to see) but this sounds like they know exactly what they're doing. Hopefully IOI will go back to being the Hitman masters rather than the K&L guys in the public conciousness.

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I am super excited about it! It seems like a perfect mode to add to the game, and I bet it will prolong the time I have it installed by a long time.

Hell, I used to just load up beaten levels and do this anyway. Find some random person, then make restrictions for myself in how to take him/her out. Making an actual mode out of it, with scoring and all is genius. And the fact that you can make one yourself, by simply playing the way you want it to be played by others is a pretty damn good idea.

The video they showed of it was kinda short, but it did show a bit of how it will work.

All in all, looking more forward to this for every new info they put out!

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The replay value will be infinite...I won't get too carried away and just pick like 3 levels on which to create the contracts on. I've played all Hitman games and my favorite mission remains the same because of the different ways I came up with to finish it. Be pretty cool had I been able to time it, score it and then see if others could beat or better my play. Absolution will finally make it come true.

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