Digital download version of Absolution $20 on Amazon

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nice find, too bad I already have it though...

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I picked up today. So my question to people who played the game before the patch how is in comparison? For example during the tutorial level I was Disguised as a guard and the game told me to use Instinct to get past the other guards. It then told me I didn't have enough to slip by the other guards waiting for me in the building. To which I replied, not true I have plenty and was able to just blow past them. How much did they tweak?

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Holy shit. That is cheap. Is this the Steam version?

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For $20 I think it's a decent price to check it out. I really think they messed a lot of things up with this one and hope the series can return to former glory on next-gen consoles - but it's an OK game at the core.

@Jackel2072: Not sure how much they tweaked but I played the game less than a week ago and I'd still get spotted quite quickly from across a room.

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Is this a sale or will this continue to be the price for a while? Just want to know if I should seriously consider picking this up, or wait for Steam Christmas Sale.

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@Tearhead: It's a sale and highly unlikely it will be cheaper on Steam any time soon.

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Seeing this sale actually made me verbally yell (softly): "Holy fuck!"

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