First Glimpse At Gameplay

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After watching this I have alot of questions and seeing as how many of you guys are from Europa you can easily help me out.They seem to speak Danish or Swedish, but I want to know if you can tell me or better yet the community any juicy details that you hear in the video.

Here is the link: Hitman:Absolution Gameplay

A couple of my questions are:

What's with the two guys playing Blood Money on that sofa?What are they talking about?

What are they talking about when they show the LOTR and other movie footage?

When they talk one on one with that bald guy with the goatee what are they discussing?And why does he keep saying casual games?

And is this a news network!?If so this is the cooliest fuckin new station I've ever seen.Especially on something as violent as Hitman.The only time games are on the news here is when they are being criticized for killing the youth.

Sorry for all that any help is appreciated.

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Weird to see the news covering video games without any negative focus. I wish it was more like that here. Anyways, it doesn't show much of Absolution. It does look graphically acceptable. I noticed a couple implementations of suggestions from their forums in it, too.

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47 is looking more badass some how

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...what minute mark? this video is hell

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@Ahmad_Metallic: I linked it to the 15:18 mark for you guys.That is when they start discussing Hitman.
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15:15-15:40 (where his link starts), 16:25-16:50, and 17:20-17:50 (with Blood Money in the middle)

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Man, that looks awesome.  I really want this.

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So I'm gonna try and give you a brief idea what the crazy danes (it's danish!) are talking about. (IO Interactive is danish, so that's pretty much why the news cares about it..) 
The first couple of guys are Hitman fans / journalists. They are basically saying that, it's hard to say whats so great about the game, it just is.  
Then next up is Jakob, Lead Designer, telling that this is the biggest game ever made in Denmark. He then begins to show the IOI headquaters (located in Copenhagen). 
First the programmers, then animators, then Art Directors/Produceres/etc and finally his own spot. 
The narorator goes on to explain what Hitman is. 
Next up is Christoffer Kay, Chief Economist at IOI, he explains that all in all, it costs approx. 400-500 millions DKK from start - to the game going retail. 
The narorator then talks about the est. cost of creating GTA was over 1 billion - which was almost the same as creating all the LOTR movies together. 
Jan Neiiendam is a projectchief at "computerspilzonen". He explains that the game industry is twice as big, as the music industry. 
The naroratoer say the price of the game is not yet announced.  
They then go back to the first guys, that quickly talk about looking forward to the game and what they've done with it. 
After that is a longer interview with a guy, that explains what kind of people buy games. 
So.. hope that made any sense, sorry for any spelling mistakes.

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@Sneeze: Wow man you're friggin awesome!I didn't expect someone to answer all my questions like that thanks alot!
Oh and $1 billion to make Hitman!?Oh shit they must be super serious about this.That's great though more funding better quality game.
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@Agent47: :) 
But the 1 billion was the est. cost of creating GTA, not Hitman. (Also, he doesn't say if its $ or DKK - danish krone) 
The cost of creating Hitman was 400-500 million DKK ($78 million) :) 
Which is alooooot for a Danish game company. And well.. prolly alot of others too.
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Love the Hitman series, really excited for this next one.

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@Sneeze said:

@Agent47: :) But the 1 billion was the est. cost of creating GTA, not Hitman. (Also, he doesn't say if its $ or DKK - danish krone) The cost of creating Hitman was 400-500 million DKK ($78 million) :) Which is alooooot for a Danish game company. And well.. prolly alot of others too.

Of course 78-97 million US dollars is alot of money, but taken to account that IO Interactive's former succes with the earlier Hitman games & Mini Ninja made a good promit, the fact that the Hitman movie did reasonable good, that they are also making a "Kane & Lynch" movie with Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx as main cast and also planning a Hitman 2 movie, is enough convincing for me at least, to see the OK in them using that kind of money on a game :-)

And we must also not forget that they have Square Enix & Eidos behind them too, so I wouldn't worry :o)

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Sucks I don't understand squat they're saying.

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@awesomeusername: Yeah me neither but Sneeze explained alot.
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Hitman 5 on the news? wth

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Nice segment. As a Swede, it's nice that I can rely on the Danish to deliver competent media coverage of games.

Brings me back to when I learnt Danish by watching Troldspejlet as a kid. Could forget about a show about games and movies here in Sweden.

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This is nearly as awesome as when the prime minister or government or president or somin' of poland game Obama a copy of The Witcher 2.

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