Game froze and it corrupted the save file

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#1 Posted by wwfundertaker (1538 posts) -

I was playing the hunter and hunted level (ps3) and had reached the end of the level when it froze. I restarted the game when i received a message saying no save game found, create a new save file. I checked the save file on the dash board and it was corrupt.

So i searched on the net and found multiple users complaining about this issue on the ps3 and xbox 360. I have a 1 hour old cloud save but it does suck that it happened in the first place.

Anybody else had this problem.

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#2 Posted by rogsim (16 posts) -

I just ran into this. It does not make me happy.

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#3 Posted by huntad (2353 posts) -

I didn't run into this on the 360, but I did have my game freeze once while playing. Losing save files is the worst!

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#4 Posted by bombedyermom (429 posts) -

I posted a warning about this a couple days ago when I lost 12 hours of progress on my 360. Sorry you guys missed it. I feel your pain.

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#5 Posted by Crash_Happy (811 posts) -

I almost held my breath when it crashed, actually I think it's the first game I've ever had crash when paused.

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#6 Edited by studnoth1n (232 posts) -

just happened to me, but i have to admit i'm kind of glad. it makes the decision that much easier as to whether i want to continue playing the game, specifically to progress all the individual challenges. it's a shame really, considering the overall quality of the game, but i'm dumfounded as to why they couldn't have saved all the challenges and scores from your campaign in the same way all the safe house stuff is saved server-side. i'm not that dedicated that i'm going to make a backup on cloud every so often just to avoid something that shouldn't be an issue in the first place. at the very least, allow me the option to make multiple backup saves on the hdd. what a massive fuck up and a waste of my time.

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#7 Posted by Matt_ (341 posts) -

Happened to me twice in one weekend. However, I was able to beat it before the second time and get a bunch of achievements. I may return to finish those out if they patch it because I was really enjoying myself. Such a shame.

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#8 Posted by Killjoule (5 posts) -

Just happened to me a second time. I got to what I image was about 2/3 of the way through the game (the pig killing mine testing section of Dexter Industries) when it happened the first time. This time I got two levels further (just beat Sanchez) and it happened again. First time, I only had a cloud save. This time I had the save on my hard drive and was hoping I could recover it by moving it to the cloud or a usb drive or something, but it's just corrupt and there's nothing I can do. Anyone know of a way to just unlock all the levels? Otherwise, I'm done.

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