Help: Can't earn money in Contacts mode

#1 Edited by KyleBaron (176 posts) -

My account balance in contracts mode always seems to stay at Zero even after having completed several contracts, most of them with all of the bonus conditions fulfilled.

I haven't beaten the single player game yet, so maybe that's why, but it'd be a friggin' weird caveat.

I also tried completing the contracts tutoial and the create a contract tutorial and then going back to finish a proper contract but, still, no money.

I don't see anyone else having this problem, so I'm guessing that I'm doing something terribly wrong. Help?

#2 Posted by OpiumOpa (2 posts) -

I have the same problame. I had play the story already and some contracts too, but still have 0$. Have anyone a idea what we doing wrong? It because my game is from the uk and i live in germany?

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