Hitman Absolution: Hiding In Plain Sight (Video)

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#1 Posted by mavfan626 (27 posts) -
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#2 Posted by Sackmanjones (5222 posts) -

Alright I laughed a little.

But this is YouTube spam

#3 Posted by Warfare (1674 posts) -

* shrugs*

#4 Posted by awesomeusername (4544 posts) -

I laughed when my friend showed me this. It's so stupid. But @mavfan626: , write something on your post or it'll get locked.

#5 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19303 posts) -


#6 Posted by VindictivePotato (19 posts) -

Agent 47 vs....perhaps an unmentioned agent 49? :P

#7 Posted by dudeglove (9640 posts) -

Not enough Krav Maga.

#8 Posted by thedj93 (1260 posts) -

harry partridge is a cool dude

#9 Posted by studnoth1n (232 posts) -

why do i get the sense that most people who work in flash animation are totally demented fetishists?

#10 Posted by mavfan626 (27 posts) -

@Sackmanjones: how so?

@awesomeusername: Like what? how this video is a parody of Hitman? (which is pretty obvious).

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