Hitman Steam Sale

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Just a heads up for any Hitman fans that are missing some games on the PC. Steam is currently hosting a sale on Hitman games for the next 47 Hours. Prices are as follows...Get em while they're hot!

Hitman Codename 47 - $3.40 USD

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin - $3.40 USD

Hitman: Bloodmoney - $3.40 USD

Hurry up and grab them if you have a hole in your collection!

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Aside from that, at least pick up Bloodmoney. It's some good shit.

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great games, worth every dime

#4 Posted by Lozz (375 posts) -

Nice, might pick one of these up.

#5 Posted by jmfinamore (1092 posts) -

I picked up Blood Money the last time it was on sale, and am playing it now. Really cool game that still plays great, despite being fairly overhyped over the years (mainly people on Neogaf, but that's their thing I guess). Definitely worth checking out with such a low barrier to entry.

#6 Posted by csl316 (11848 posts) -

$3.40 for Blood Money. Hmm... HMMMM.....

#7 Posted by CaptainTightPants (2830 posts) -

Anyone know why its impossible to purchase a digital version of Hitman Contracts?

#8 Posted by benspyda (2128 posts) -

They've been sitting in my steam for while from one of the collection sales. Already played them on ps2 though.

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Bumping this left me really disappointed :(

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I ended up checking steam before I realised this thread was 8 months old. :'(

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