I'll just leave this here...

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Hey look, everyone! It's something stupid.

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What is this fuckery? 
Having looked at it some more, i see it is a witty attack at the current state of the video game industry. Well played sir, well played. ¬¬

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man dis funny lol 

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The only good thing about this thread is OPs icon.

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So... shit like this is still funny?

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Ghost Recon, Far Cry, Splinter Cell, Hitman, F.E.A.R
they've all lost the things that made each one unique and have gone ACTIONY 

Makin' Dis Shit Accessible (TM) since 2007

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Someone went through a lot of effort to hate on Hitman. Unfortunately, it probably wasn't the OP'er.

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Uggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggh D:

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A more subtle approach would have made this better. The fact that I don't care about Hitman doesn't help either

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May not be subtle, but it's funny :D

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I'd be up for a gun lamp. 

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Has anyone actually seen enough of the new Hitman to make this judgement yet? Or is it just some blind madness as usual?

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That attack on Ice-T was uncalled for

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As a fan of both the Splinter Cell and Hitman franchises, I find this mildly amusing.

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Great, now take it back.

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2 posts.

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"It felt like a Hitman game to me!"
Yup, this is pretty damn funn-- wait a sec. Whaddaya mean 'hire Jesper Kyd'? He's not already working on it? What the fuck? *checks wikipedia*

  • Agent 47's handler, Diana Burnwood, has a "close relationship" with 47 in Absolution.
  • A new mode, called "Instinct," works much like the detective mode in Batman: Arkham Asylum. It is powered by a bar that works similarly to Sam Fisher’s "Mark and Execute" feature in Splinter Cell: Conviction as it is fueled by silent take-downs.
  • There is no map screen. Instinct mode replaces it.
  • Players will be able to utilize a "tag and kill" mechanism during Instinct mode that is similar to the one in Red Dead Redemption.
  • The game will feature some scripted action sequences and smaller sandbox levels that are divided by checkpoints.

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Yeah. Absolution was doomed from the start.

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I played Blood Money for four levels without killing anyone by the primary targets and said "Yup, not my type of game". But that doesn't fucking mean they should ruin a franchise just because they want my attention.

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You seemed to have incurred the wrath of several GiantBomb-goers...

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@luce said:

That attack on Ice-T was uncalled for

From this zoomed out state that looks more like Snoop Dogg and I don't know about you, I would buy any lamp endorsed by the mothafuckin' Dogg pound.

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@AjayRaz said:

man dis funny lol

's wud I sed!

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