just beat the game, some gripes

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I went into this totally open-minded and prepared to accept the game for what it was. I was not going fret over an atrocious storyline and let new gameplay mechanics get in the way of an otherwise enjoyable game.

So with that mindset, I did get a lot of enjoyment out of this game, enough that I might've recommended this to Hitman fans if I myself hadn't played PRIOR Hitman games (blood money and contracts). The fact is, however, I had my time with this game's very linear campaign, had some fun, got a few silent assassin rankings (some took hours, others took only a few minutes), and didn't feel that Hitman itch to go back and get better rankings on other maps. Partly because some new gameplay mechanics did REALLY get to me having been accustomed to older Hitman games (instinct meter, always needing a bottle to throw), and partly because of arcadey, segmented level design that sucks the fun out of playing a Hitman game (what classifies as a level in the game is very strange, some are huge while others are just hallways that were probably made specifically for contracts mode).

The game is like 40% Hitman, 60% experimental stealth/action hybrid ala Arkham Asylum or Splinter Cell Conviction. While that 60% is kinda neat, that's not what I bought the game for and I don't want to replay that 60%. That said, I still sneaked my way through all the levels, and never really played it like an action game aside from messing around in contracts mode (which is one of the games' saving graces imo), but the MANY levels where you're forced to avoid being spotted by like, an army of dudes get tiresome and dull fast. They spice those up occasionally with some inspired ideas, like a cornfield and a scarecrow disguise but moments like that aren't bountiful and I would rather just have more levels where everyone didn't want to kill me immediately. Seeing as all the other disguises are basically worthless now because of how quickly people get suspicious, I begrudgingly played most of this game hugging a wall. I don't think it's a coincidence the levels I had the most fun in were the larger levels with the special disguises that no one suspected (like the barber in the barbershop or the judge in courthouse), because those were classic Hitman. Funnily enough, this game reminded me how fun hiding in plain sight used to be in Hitman. Sadly, they give you more instances where the disguises just blow up in your face immediately.

It's a shame they decided to make this more like a proper stealth game, because this really is the most polished Hitman game by far, the graphics are great, the audio is dynamic and interesting, and actually playing as 47 has never felt better. But they try to cram too many games in one for me to feel like I got something worth returning to, like the way I did with Blood Money. This game is a real mixed bag. All in all, I didn't hate it, I just didn't love it as much as I wanted to.

I guess only time will tell if this doesn't have the same replay value as other Hitmans, right now I'm pretty meh on it. I might replay a few select levels from time to time, but some I'll never touch again.

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Yeah, the sneaking around was better than ever, but also a little too much.

The saints missions as well as the missions in the graveyard, I just took everyone out. You couldn't leverage a disguise in those situations very well, which I thought was fair, just tiresome. Its funny because I had been waiting for there to be a Hitman game where the mechanics where there to make dodging and sneaking around possible. And now they are here, but perhaps with too heavy of a focus.

The only thing which is holding the game back is level design, otherwise I don't think there is anything intrinsically broken about the game. I am hoping that the DLC will include new missions which are in public areas.

Otherwise, I thought instinct was actually an improvement. Its basically like the map from previous games but in front of you. The way disguises work seemed to be an improvement as well--they are powerful enough without being ridiculous. However, because of the level design discouraging disguises, I can understand how a lot of people felt things were nerfed.

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