Save points?

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Hey all,

I am interested in picking Hitman Absolution, however, I would like to know what save point features the game has. Can I save during a mission and continue from where I have left off or does the game revolve around checkpoints (or do you have auto saves between missions and that is it)?

I ask as I tend to game during the evening after work or weekends so I can not always find 1+ hour to sit down with a game and do a whole mission in one run so if there is no way to save during the game or checkpoints then I will have to rethink buying this game.


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No, you can't save manually during a mission, and instead must rely on the sparse checkpointing the game has. Which if you're trying to play all steathily like and want to experiment and prod at the systems, you're unfortunately more than likely going to have to play through the first few minutes of the missions a lot. It's the one major complaint I have for what is otherwise a pretty good game.

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Reloading from a checkpoint also respawns any people you may have killed (other than targets) and in some spots may even spawn a guard in front of the checkpoint, looking at you, which spoils your progress. You can't just ditch that checkpoint and restart level either, since 'restart level' actually restarts the entire chapter - chapters can contain like half a dozen 'levels', so unless you're at the start of a chapter when you restart, you're potentially costing yourself a ton of time. The only alternative way to restart a level is to back out to the main menu and select the specific sub-level via level select, abandoning your score progress for that run. It's one of many incredibly weak elements to what I consider to be a generally bad game.

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Ah this is disappointing to hear. Thanks for the feedback.

So can you save between levels or only between chapters?

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It's all automatic, but I think the game hard saves per level rather than per chapter. I would never have bothered to complete it if it only saved per chapter. Your mid-level checkpoint saves are not remembered between gaming sessions though.

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I decided to get this game for $15 at my local EB Games. I started it off and it seemed fine. Then I had the most frustrating moment I've had in games in years. I was doing the Chinese New Year part of Hunter and Hunted and I realized I missed an opportunity for a signature kill, and it would not repeat like many others normally do. So I decided to hit "Restart Level" assuming, fairly in my opinion, that it would restart me right after the previous cutscene (when you walk into the "Chinatown" area). Instead it started me at the beginning of the whole act (on the way to the Vixen Club.) I basically lost about an hour and a half of progress.

This made me immediately turn off the game, possibly forever.

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