Sniper Challenge Unlocks

#1 Posted by El_Galant (59 posts) -

Hey so I unlocked everything from the Sniper Challenge on PS3 but nothing transferred to the game. It says to insert code but where? on the PS Store? All I got was asking me to download the Sniper Challenge again and I already have it installed. What's the deal?

#2 Posted by Demoskinos (14763 posts) -

@El_Galant: To get your unlocks you have to have a second code. You should have gotten this code on your recipt when you picked up the game or if you ordered online they would have sent a 2nd email after the game shipped to you. You need to punch that in and download that token and then the unlocks will come over.

#3 Posted by MildMolasses (3219 posts) -

@El_Galant: Hmm, I got a code sent to me the day before the game came out, and when I entered it, it queued a download that said "sniper challenge" but was actually just a 208 kb file or something along those lines. I don't actually remember what the sniper challenge was supposed to unlock, so I can't say for sure what did it, but at least these were the events that occurred and sort of sounds like what you describe. This was on 360 though

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