Square Enix Invents Horribly Insulting Facebook Promotion for Hitman: Absolution, Subsequently Apologizes

#251 Posted by TennSeven (15 posts) -

It is amazing to me that there were probably multiple people who make six-figure incomes that worked a lot of late nights and weekends to put together this campaign and not once did anyone stop and say, "do we really think this is a good idea?"

#252 Posted by Sammo21 (3538 posts) -

So it looks like Square's marketing is really missing the target.

#253 Posted by Fredchuckdave (6139 posts) -

This is hilarious and highlights the stupidity that is facebook/1984; good for Square, hopefully they make another good game one of these days.

#254 Posted by firecracker22 (561 posts) -

I don't think this got taken down because people were easily offended.

It was a stupid idea. A stupid idea that somehow survived and actually made it to a second phase of stupidity that is kinda amazing when you think about this as a PR idea. I mean, this is supposed to warm people up to a series they may not know anything about? I mean, that's the pitch, right? You want to bring new people into the fold. Like this?

All I want to know is, if this was the best idea they could come up with...then what the fuck were the bad ones? Could there be a few other ideas that were so much worse that this one, in context, seemed good?

#255 Posted by KlUMZeE (319 posts) -

Wow, what the hell is with the marketing team for this game? They should all be fired immediately; what the fuck were they thinking?

#256 Posted by Oldirtybearon (4882 posts) -

Wait wait wait. Hold the phone here.

A facebook app where you could put fake "hits" out on your friends, with a laundry list of crass reasons can only be viewed by the person who sent the hit/received the hit?

Exactly how is any of this a problem? Don't friends make fun of each other in the exact same way that a lot of these juvenile reasons are depicted?

#257 Posted by Devildoll (909 posts) -

i thought i read something about you only being able to send this to verified friends, and that only that person would see this message.

i'm not entirely sure though, but if this is true, then it would eliminate it's use as a bullying tool.

if i got those, i'd either laugh, or use it as a tool to clean my friends list.

#258 Posted by PimblyCharles (1640 posts) -

And I thought Edios screwed up IO's marketing in the past...

#259 Posted by Undeadpool (4997 posts) -

And yet it's always EA that takes the most flak in any "bad game marketing" conversation. At least their bad marketing only fell on crap games like Dante's Inferno, this is harming an actual GOOD game.

#260 Posted by madnesshero88 (47 posts) -

Something too evil and hate-filled even for the internet? Square Enix, i am impressed in a disgusted, head shaking kind of way.

#261 Posted by AnxiousTube (199 posts) -

This reminds me of something Creed would do from the "Office(USA)"

#262 Posted by Rekt_Hed (851 posts) -

fuckin lol ohhhhh lord

#263 Posted by Wakka (80 posts) -

People are hypersensitive. The app is a joke. If we can't poke fun at someone for pretending that he has a little dick, and issuing a pretend death threat, all in the sense of good humor, then we can't have any fun at all.

I have a little dick, shoot me! Oh look, I'm poking fun at myself. Now I've offended myself and I apologize to myself for it. Geez.

#264 Posted by DocHaus (1374 posts) -

You know what's more insulting than this promotion? The game itself.

Thank you thank you I'll be here never.

#265 Posted by Mr_Scumbag (44 posts) -

@Wakka: You don't understand why people are offended.

#266 Posted by Mr_Scumbag (44 posts) -

@Laivasse: I pretty much agree with you. The part about principled or responsible gamers/consumers is particularly depressing and would be funny if it wasn't such a problem. Even after all the leaks when the game shipped early, people went on and on about it looking like shit but that they would still buy it anyway because they might enjoy some of it. It's that kind of stuff that leads to more bad advertising or bad products. Marketers and producers respond almost exclusively to the bottom line. How much money they pull in. If people don't have the self control to vote with their dollar, they just re-enforce bad practice. It's not always easy, but it's the best way to make change. If you don't approve of something withdraw your dollar completely.

#267 Posted by bunnymud (716 posts) -

I find the fact that this was given the green light highly mirthful

#268 Posted by dudeglove (8274 posts) -

There's seriously no need to be a bunch of hitman apologists, folks.

#269 Posted by Slag (4864 posts) -

Holeeee crap.

This is a whole new level of dumb.

Everyone involved this promotion should be fired immediately.

#270 Posted by Deusoma (3032 posts) -

Given how rad this game is, it's a real shame that the marketing team have apparently been huffing paint. I'm reminded of the brilliant minds who decided to market Splinter Cell: Conviction by having actors dressed in ski masks "pretend" to hold up a store, with the idea being a guy dressed as Sam Fisher would have then disabled them in a fake fight and then told everyone around that it was really marketing for the game. In reality, that played out as someone calling the cops the instant the fake robbery began, and the cops showed up before the Sam Fisher actor could make his move.

#271 Posted by Wakka (80 posts) -

@Mr_Scumbag: I have a lack of sympathy for the offended, not a lack of understanding of why they are. Thanks.

#272 Posted by Mr_Scumbag (44 posts) -

@Wakka: You say you know why people are offended, but your post implies that you think people are offended because they can't take a joke or are taking the "joke app" too seriously. That isn't why a good number of us are offended at all. Why is it that you think we are offended? Why are we hypersensitive? Because we are offended by something that you aren't? That seems like a very narrow-minded way of looking at the world, not to mention kind of arrogant. It implies that you think that your threshhold of offense is the correct one and anyone on either side of your demarcation is wrong. Maybe rather than all of us being babies who are easily offended, it could be you who is not fully considering the aspects of these issues and dismissing them out of hand because they are either too inconvenient or too difficult for you to honestly address. Either way when there are this many people getting this up in arms about so many things as often as they are lately and you handwave them away you end up looking both ignorant and arrogant. Society and culture change over time and this issues being brought up so much is a sign of that change. If you want to dig your heels in and stubbornly refuse to acknowledge that change it's your business but like it has been said so many times before, if you don't think there's reason to be offended, move on to the next story rather than announcing how thick your skin is to the the rest of us. It adds nothing to the discussion and no-one is impressed by how unfazed you are by real cultural issues. It's not a badge of honour, it's raising the flag of ignorance.

#273 Posted by LastNinja (281 posts) -

Looking forward to that new Carmageddon game, hopefully they can make it just as balls out insane as the originals.

#274 Posted by Teclo (139 posts) -

@Mr_Scumbag: Can you connect anything that you just said to this at all? Society changing has nothing to do with friends jokingly insulting each other. It's neither more or less offensive than it's ever been. There's a difference between something not being funny and what you're claiming here - so, taking into account that we agree it's not funny, what is the problem? Simply that it's not funny or anything more than that? If you're simply bleating out "I am offended", please refer to the words of Stephen Fry:

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Facepalm: Absolution (Pixelmator is already paying off dividends)
#276 Posted by Intro (1212 posts) -

That was a bad idea and plain stupid, but I don't see it as horribly insulting.

#277 Posted by MCP_Pants (6 posts) -

Its funny that lots of people agree that this is offensive, as its highly probable no one was actually offended by it. Who gives a shit. Im sure the simulated violence of the product it is promoting would have more impact on our frail wee society than a facebook death threat for having a small weener. Unless of course, you're weener is really small.

#278 Posted by DougCL (218 posts) -

if the ad agency behind this gets work ever again, i will be SHOCKED.

#279 Edited by firecracker22 (561 posts) -

I agree that being "offended" isn't something that should hold water. That there should be more to any situation than just being "offended".

But, when you're talking about a goddamn ad campaign that's supposed to win people over. Do you really think that's the smart approach? Yeah, I can see the defense of "over sensitivity", but there's no denying this was a dumb motherfucking move in something that's supposed attract people to a product. Not piss in their eye and tell them they should like it. Them apologizing was the smartest thing in this entire thing. It's a lot smarter than going the other route, and calling everyone a bunch of pussies for having delicate sensibilities.

This whole "easily offended" defense sounds more appropriate in defense of something like the Family Guy game, and not some half-brain idea that was somehow supposed to attract potential new Hitman players.

#280 Posted by ArsenalFan (77 posts) -

I imagine heads have already rolled for this gaffe

#281 Posted by theanticitizen (274 posts) -

I can't stop laughing at the idea of killing someone for having a tiny penis ha ha ha

#282 Posted by SpartanHoplite (388 posts) -

aah, theyve lost all sense with this game.

#283 Posted by removesstains (66 posts) -

Yeah that is bad taste, but the 12 year old inside me finds it highly hilarious. Wish i would have came accross this last week. I haven't touched fb since the summer. What a great reason to start using it again. To bad people are babies.

#284 Posted by MasterBrief (226 posts) -

Lol it really hasn't been a good year for Hitman jesus

#285 Posted by SmilingPig (1341 posts) -

In Canada death treats (even on Facebook) can get you 18 months in prison (they usually don’t though).

#286 Posted by ewok00p (16 posts) -

They should have kept it up for the people who wouldn't take it too seriously.

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