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Feel free to read the whole thing to get more context, it's not too long. However, this quote stuck out to me:  

The joy of Hitman 2 and Blood Money was looking at the whole bloody house of cards to work the different ways you could make it all fall down. Here, the game isn’t only mostly linear, it’s also without that murderous intent and the flexibility of options to achieve it. There are moment-to-moment options, but nothing that fundamentally affects your route through the area.

Now, he does go on to suggest that the level being marketed may simply be linear because they need something bombastic to show off, but I'm still a bit dubious. Apparently non-linearity in this level was, as he described it, a 'mild divergence' to get round enemies before the level 'bottle-necked back together.' Hardly compelling stuff. 
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The game director said that all those options you got in the previous game (The whole point of the series) were maaad confusing, so I figure that this isn't going to be a Hitman game at all.

I saw Splinter Cell fans rage at the changes they made in conviction, but seeing it happen to a series I love is maddening.

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Then it's time for someone else to pick up the complexity instead and take advantage of that both the Splinter Cell and Hitman games now a way to linear. Who would you think could develop a compelling Hitman experience if IO themselves wont do it?

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@Ventilaator: That article and the treatment of the voice actor have put me right off the game. I could not have seen this coming after finishing the last Hitman game, it was such a good formula.  
@Dogma: That's the problem though; when I thought of stealth games, I thought of IO. 
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And the next gameplay footage they'll show we'll be a turret sequence. This and ME3 makes me worried. Because there is nowhere else to go for experiences like the originals provided.

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Fuck, this is going to be a disappointment isn't it?

#7 Posted by RIDEBIRD (1252 posts) -

Yup. And ME3 - I have the same worry I'm afraid.

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Oh well. They had a good run. When will developers stop treating us like we are idiots who can't wrap their heads around a game if it's not holding our hands the entire time. I was super excited for the series but now I have sever doubts after reading the developer speaking about it.

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What I like about the Hitman games is the several ways on how to approach the target and how to kill him.

Something tells me that Absolution isn't going to be like that. Let's hope I'm wrong.

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Hitman: Blood Money is the most deliciously evil game I have ever played. Planning your attacks, sneaking in while dressed as some random janitor(or sometimes a clown) in a heavily guarded mansion, Huge sprawling maps with shitloads of options and entry points. Man, I just recently realized how awesome Blood Money is.

I'm still crossing my fingers about Absolution. I really, really want this game to be a worthy successor to Blood Money.

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I thought this would be the case. Hopefully the game they make will be good in its own right.

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Everything I've seen of this game looks like Splinter Cell Conviction to me. I'll probably enjoy the game as long as it isn't buggy, but that's not what I think is awesome about the Hitman franchise.

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The reason I love this series is because I can spend hours doing levels different ways getting Silent Assassin. If I fire a gun in Hitman more then once I don't feel like I've done it properly. I'll remain cautiously optimistic, but this looks like it's going the way of Splinter Cell: Conviction, which was a steaming pile of arse gravy

#14 Posted by Simulacrum (459 posts) -

I really hope this isn't representative of the whole game. :(

#15 Posted by Mikewrestler5 (638 posts) -

Excuse my premature judgement, but fuck that game. The same thing happened with Conviction.

#16 Posted by Winternet (8258 posts) -

Awh man. Why did you had to go and ruin my day?

#17 Posted by buzz_killington (3655 posts) -

Good thing about the old Hitman games: you can still play those and have a blast. Absolution is really like a reboot for newcomers to the series, so let them do what they gotta do.

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@McAwesome said:
And the next gameplay footage they'll show we'll be a turret sequence.
Boom, this man fucking killed it.
#19 Posted by N7 (3926 posts) -

"We noticed that everyone liked Portal 2 for it's intense and often thought-provoking puzzles. But I had a hard time finishing them, so with Portal 3 we've replaced the Portal Gun with a knife and you go around the Post-Vietnam jungle stabbing people in the back!"
"The Elder Scrolls is world renown for its expansive worlds littered with activities and quests that will make anyone spend hundreds of hours playing through them all. But sometimes they could be complex, so we overhauled the engine and in The Elder Scrolls VI, we've given you a knife and send you off into the Post-Vietnam jungle to stab people in the back."
"Halo. A franchise that sends a wake of chill down the spines of all other first person shooters. A franchise known the world over, consisting of video games, soundtracks, an animated movie, action figures and more. Some might say, where can the series go from here? Hasn't it peaked by now? And we're here to answer that question by announcing Halo: The Game Of Competitive Break Dance Fighting"

#20 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7802 posts) -

Maybe they should call the game ''Kane and Lynch: Conviction'?

#21 Posted by yinstarrunner (1257 posts) -

As somebody who has tried and failed to get into hitman in the past, I think this is absolute BS. I'm sorry Hitman fans.

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The mechanics that made Blood Money great can't survive the mainstream attention video games receive. Anything complex and interesting needs to be "Streamlined."

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The subsequent RPS interview is a bit more encouraging, but I still can't see there being a huge divergence in gameplay in what has been seen and written about already.

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This is horrible news! Game developers really need to stop treating gamers like children, even if a substantial portion of us are, indeed, children. Saying the number of solutions to an assassination was too confusing is simply insulting to long-time fans of the series. If they're trying to streamline the experience to sell more copies (which, of course, is always a top priority), they'll rob Hitman of its sole defining quality. Honestly, this deserves getting angry over, not the Nun trailer that seems to have so many folks up in arms.

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I know this game will be truly dead when they announce that 47 can call in airstrikes.

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I'm a huge Hitman fan, was going to buy it day one but with all this iffy press I keep hearing I think I'll wait for the reviews to come in and see if it's really the game I want it to be. I want to support IO and Hitman, but not if they went and screwed it up.

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Regardless of the never ending disappointing preview stuff for the game I still plan to play it. But I will say that it's gone from a day one buy to just a rental for me.

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Anyone really thought it would be any different? R.I.P 47, you'll be missed.

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I'm still holding out hope that it will be good, but needless to say I won't be making a purchase without reading a good sampling of reviews.

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Honestly, Dishonored might fill this void IMO

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This is an old ass thread, haven't we heard better things about Absolution since then?

#33 Posted by DillonWerner (1603 posts) -

@TooWalrus said:

This is an old ass thread, haven't we heard better things about Absolution since then?

No, game still seems like it is going to be a puddle of shit compared to its predecessors.

#34 Posted by Manhattan_Project (2223 posts) -

@TooWalrus said:

This is an old ass thread, haven't we heard better things about Absolution since then?

Because people like to bitch and moan about stuff they don't know anything about. And when they make up their mind they don't want to admit they were wrong.

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