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Gramview: Hitman: Blood Money 0

As you all know by now is that fact that you can't go all that wrong with a Hitman game. Which this version no doubt proves, again. After the first one being released for the PC only. IO Interactive quickly realized that the game had more potential than that. And released the next version on almost all available consoles. And of course also in Hitman: Blood Money for the Xbox 360. You're again representing the person who fills the shoes of mister 47. I don't think I need to explain more about ...

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Murder for Money (and Achievements) 0

Hitman: Blood Money is that rare game that actually delivers $60 worth of fun.  The game consists of a dozen large levels - and these levels are populated with security forces, civilians, our bald protagonist and a few soon-to-be-killed targets.Blood Money is the Hitman Franchise's only entry into the current-gen console space, and the visuals are a solid step up from previous entries on the PS2 or Xbox -- but the standard color palette and the low-key audio design won't lead anyone to rush out ...

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The definitive Hitman experience 0

I've held off on writing a review for Blood Money for a while, solely because I found it hard to put into words the excellence with which it pulls off its intended goals. However, with my recent playthrough of Absolution, I felt I needed to explain just to what degree Blood Money succeeds in embellishing the best that the Hitman series has to offer.After Hitman: Contracts, it isn't hard to see why many Hitman fans were dismayed with how the Hitman series was progressing. After the challenging, ...

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Asgood as 2 if not better. 0

I'm still debating as to which Hitman i liked better; Hitman 2 or Blood Money. In truth if you like one you'll most likely enjoy the other ( Though, you can easily give Hitman: Contracts as miss). All in all Hitman 2 and Blood Money do the series the most justice and if you're looking to get into this franchise just start with either of these titles....

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Great game that acquires you to think a bit 0

What do you get when you take James Bond and remove his charme and wit (and hair for that matter)? You get a dead serious, cold blooded, merciless assasian named 47. Hitman is one of (many) series where you don't really need to know the back story in order to imurse yourself into the game. The story aint bad, it just isn't the main focus of the game. The main focus is to find the best and most effective way to kill your target, and the possibilities are almost endless . It may sound grusome, but...

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Hitman At Its Best 0

agent 47 is back in blood money. the story. Agent 47 tries to escape the clutches of extinction after every mission he does as the agency begins to be destroyed. One man who wants to stop the cloning law from passing through will do anything to get his man. Gameplay – new improvements have been made to the game, you upgrade your weapons as you earn money after each mission and also you can for the first time in any hitman games you can buy health. In addition to these upgrades you can use your ...

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Hitman Blood Money 0

Hitman: Blood money was released early on in the Xbox 360 life cycle and it is apparent through its antiquated gameplay. Blood Money was released for the PS2, the original Xbox and the 360 iteration is merely a polished version of its brethren. Agent 47 in this adventure remains true to the Hitman series as you travel around the world assassinating designated targets. Hitman entails a play through because the adventure will entertain as you murder, assassinate, and kill your way till the end. If...

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Contract killing has never been so much fun! 0

Hitman Blood Money is a great game. The level designs are interesting and there are many alternative solutions to each of the assignments. One of the stand out missions for me is "A New Life" where Agent 47 has to take down gangster Vinny Sinistra who is under FBI protection at his house within a west coast gated community. You can take it methodically, poisoning the donuts, rigging the BBQ ect or maybe man the treehouse next door and use it as a sniping position, or just get the garden shears a...

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Agent 47 is back 0

Well Agent 47 is back in Hitman: Blood Money. Gameplay: Gameplay is simliar to the previous games but has some nice additions. It has buttons assigned to different actions so you don't have to scroll down in a large menu of whawt you want to do. Only problem it had was that it was one player only, but I didnt expect it to be different, so it wasnt really a problem. Graphics: I really liked the graphics. Apparently its not "next-gen" but its better than current gen graphisc which makes it n...

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Assassin! 0

HITMAN: BLOOD MONEY 1. STORY Hitman: Blood Money of course features our now famous protagonist, Agent 47, doing his work once more for the good of… well, himself really. If you haven’t played one of the three previous Hitman series games then you probably have no idea what I’m talking about. Well, just for you lucky few: Hitman is a game based around a hitman, you play the hitman and he hits people off for other people who pay him. How does Mr. Agent 47 get his jobs? Through an agency of cours...

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hitman blood money the series best 0

hitman blood money is the fourth release in the franchise and it is arguably the best. in terms of gameplay its similer to all the others you wear disguises and create distractions in an effort to eliminate the mark. new to the game is the money system, the noteriety system, and some new metthods of assasination and combat. the money system is very good your pay is dependent on your handling of the mission so if you are very stealthy and udetected you get paid well and you can lose money for lea...

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I admit I only bought this version to exploit achievements... 0

but even so, the game is still as stellar as ever. the control scheme for the 360 is as usual superior to sony's. the graphical tweaks aren't overtly noticeable and where they are it's unnecessary. some npc's hair has added highlights based off dynamic lighting. well it makes them look plastic rather than better.that minor gripe aside, it still plays better than almost any other stealth franchise out there, and is totally worth the money. the achievements r a real draw for me now tho. i can get ...

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Hit Me With Your Best Shot 0

The first Hitman game I ever played was Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, when a friend & I rented it one dreary Tuesday afternoon so that we could avoid having to go outside. We loved it. I promised myself I would buy it, though that never happened. Fast-forward a bit to find myself and that same friend renting Hitman Contracts for the same reason. We loved it. I promised myself I would buy it, though that never happened.So, a couple of years later, when I saw Hitman Blood Money gracing a Best Buy...

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Rose petal shotguns, and a pair of rubber gloves... 0

  Sniped, fiber wired, and stolen the clothes off of random people with the help of Gamer Jay So, you listened to that voice behind you that told you all you needed was under your seat, huh? Well you must have, or you wouldn’t be reading this right now. There is good news and bad news with you reading this, there is no money with this paper yet I do have a set of missions in store for you that I’m sure the violent killer in you will greatly enjoy. This time, we venture into the world of Hitm...

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Another sequal to the great series of Hitman as he attempts to go 1

In this sequel of Hitman you play as Agent 47 that is sent off to do a variety missions each containing its own unique way of completing them. As you continue more along with the storyline you get a better understanding of how Agent 47 became a legend over the years as he continued along with his assasssinations. The game features a variety of weapons that are fully customizable to your liking from a silenced shotgun to a pistol with an equiped scope. How you complete the mission is entirely up ...

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Blood is on your hands... 0

Agent 47 is ready to serve breakfast in Bath Hitman: Blood Money in my personal opinion is the best of the Hitman games. This one allows you to fully be in disguise and you no longer have to worry about walking or running when around guards when finding your way to targets. The Visuals have been drastically improved and thanks to the Xbox 360, achievements that are worthy to have on your gamercard.The Story in Blood Money involves a reporter interviewing a former agent as they discuss the assass...

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Hitman: Blood Money 0

I wasn't a big fan the last time I tried a Hitman game, and this one took me two attempts to get into it, but once I did I enjoyed it quite a bit. The game's not without any flaws, and its sense of design is aging rapidly. Still, the series has a unique style of play that's really interesting if you have the patience to get into it.If you've never tried it before, it's a stealth action game, but instead of lurking in shadows and around corners to infiltrate secret bases, you're ambushing guards ...

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