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Standing over a victim

In Hitman: Codename 47, you play as the hitman called Agent 47. Using his superior fighting and sneaking skills, you must unravel what happened to him in the past, and who he is.

The game was praised for it's richly detailed and vibrantly colored worlds, but criticized for frustrating control system and lack of mid-mission saves. People that could look past it's faults, found Hitman to be a challenging game with an intriguing main character.


The objective for each level is to kill one or more assigned targets. This can always be done with stealth and without raising an alarm. Often the game gives you more than one way to achieve the objectives. The use of disguises are often required to gain entry to sealed off areas.

Plot Summary

The bathroom in the famous "hide weapon in bathroom" scene. "I need to use the bathroom... bang!"

The story behind Hitman: Codename 47 is probably the most important part of it when looking at the ongoing franchise. It sets up the basis of who 47 is and who created him among other things.

The game starts with 47 waking up in a sterile looking area and being talked through an obstacle course by a man on a speaker system. This man is Dr. Otto Wolfgang Ort-Meyer, a doctor at a sanitarium in Romania (however the player does not realize this yet). He sets up a way for 47 to escape, making him think that he accomplished this feat on his own. A year later 47 is working for the International Contract Agency (The Agency), as a freelance assassin taking on lucrative and dangerous contracts. It is believed that Dr. Ort-Meyer had a hand in pulling some strings to get 47 into The Agency, as a test to see if 47 had what it really takes to be the super assassin he was designed to be.

During this time working for The Agency, 47 has already established a reputation for being one of the best assassins in the organization. You go through several missions in the game, delivered to you by computer. Your contact in The Agency is called Diana Burnwood. There are always a few small missions setting up the big hit at the end of an "episode".

First you must assassinate Lee Hong, the head of the Red Dragon Triad. All these missions take place in Hong Kong.

Your next major target is Pablo Belisario Ochoa, a Colombian druglord.

Next is an Austrian terrorist named Franz Fuchs followed by the gunrunner Arkadij Jegorov (aka Boris Ivanovich Duruska).

Throughout these missions you can collect various letters which your main targets sent to each other. In fact, it appears they were all members of the French Foreign Legion at the same time. All of the letters contain something about an experimental human, and they all seem to know a 'Professor' Ort-Meyer.

The fiberwire in action

At the end of the final contract, Diana warns you that something is amiss. All the previous hits were ordered from the same client. and this client has ordered one more hit on a Doctor Odon Kovacs, who so happens to work at a sanitarium in Romania. When 47 checks in, you learn that the mysterious voice from the start of the game is actually 'Professor' Ort-Meyer, as he calls in S.W.A.T. who start a search of the building for an intruder.

Once you kill your target, you must find a way deeper into the building. 47 finds help in Agent Smith (A recurring CIA agent in the Hitman franchise, which 47 comes into contact with in every game). Agent Smith tells you that there is a secret underground laboratory in the sanitarium. Here you find an advanced lab, and you finally learn the truth about yourself.

It becomes clear that 47 is a genetically engineered clone, who was derived from the DNA of the 4 criminal masterminds he was contracted to kill. Only one of these 'fathers' remains and that is Dr. Ort-Meyer. It is implied that Ort-Meyer put out the contracts on these men because they wanted the technology and clones he had been working on for their own purposes, which he obviously did not want.

When you reach this lab, Ort-Meyer releases the next series of clones, the 48 series. These clones are more easily controllable and supposedly more efficent then 47. However 47 is superior to these mindless drones, dispatching them with a high powered mini-gun. He then gains access to the main lab in the back through a barcode scanner using one of the fallen 48's, where Dr. Ort-Meyer confronts him. He mistakes 47 for a 48 in the beginning, and so you have some time to decide what to do. Kill him, or let him be.

If you let him be, he embraces you and stuns you. This leads to the game starting over again.

If you shoot him however, he will stumble back knocking over trays with a bullet wound to his stomach.

47 then walks up to him and kneels down behind him, with Ort-Meyers back leaning on his chest. Ort-Meyer says "I didn't even recognize my own son." To which 47 responds by snapping his neck.

Many of the missions in Hitman: Codename 47 are reinvented in Hitman: Contracts. This may have been done because of better technology at the time, and the fact that many people may have never played the first Hitman. Also Contracts story is told via flashbacks to previous hits 47 has fulfilled. Also the scene where 47 snaps Dr. Otto Wolfgang Ort-Meyer's neck is reflected upon in Hitman: Blood Money, in a cutscene where “ Jack” Alexander Leland Cayne is explaining how 47 killed Dr. Ort-Meyer.

Missions (in chronological order)

Hong Kong

1. Kowloon Triads in Gang War

  • Objectives:
    Eliminate Red Dragon Negotiator
    Escape to Rendezvous Point

  • Money:

2. Ambush at the Wang Fou Restaurant

  • Objectives:
    Eliminate Blue Lotus Emissary
    Eliminate All Blue Lotus Triad Members
    Return to Rendezvous Point

  • Money:

3. The Massacre at the Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant

  • Objectives:
    Eliminate Red Dragon Negotiator
    Hide the Body of the Red Dragon Negotiator
    Eliminate the Chief of Police
    Place a Red Dragon Amulet Inside the Restaurant
    Escape to the Rendezvous Point

  • Money:

4. The Lee Hong Assassination

  • Objective:
    Find Safe Combination
    Find Safe Location
    Deliver Jade Figure to the Herbal Shop
    Eliminate Lee Hong
    Captured Agent Must Survive
    Escape to Rendezvous Point

  • Money:

5. Find the U'Wa Tribe

  • Objectives:
    Secure Religious Idol
    Bring Idol to Indian Village

  • Money:

6. The Jungle God

  • Objectives:
    Find the Secret Passage to Pablo's Camp

  • Money:

7. Say Hello to My Little Friend

  • Objectives:
    Eliminate the Drug Lord
    Blow Up the Laboratory
    Use the Airplane to Escape

  • Money:

8. Traditions of the Trade

  • Objectives:
    Eliminate Franz
    Fuchs Secure Terrorist Bomb
    Escape to Rendezvous Point

  • Money:

9. Gunrunner's Paradise

  • Objectives:
    Place GPS Tracker in the Gang Car
    Moves GPS Tracker to the Suitcase
    Give the Suitcase to Ivan

  • Money:

10. Plutonium Runs Loose

  • Objectives:
    Eliminate Boris
    Nuke Must be Disarmed
    Take Ship to International Waters

  • Money:

11. The Setup

  • Objectives:
    Eliminate Doctor Kovacs

  • Money:

12. Meet Your Brother

  • Objectives:
    None (Kill Everyone)

  • Money:



AMT Hardballer, fondly called Silverballer by 47

The so-called AMT "Silverballers" ( Hardballers) are his signature guns. In this game you can only use one at a time. You can pick up two for some dual-wielding action, if you fiddle around a bit. To do this you must drop one gun, wield the other then pick up the first gun.

Beretta 92

This is a common pistol used by many characters in the game.

Desert Eagle

The Deagle

The desert eagle, "Deagle", is a common pistol in games. The Deagle is known for being very powerful.

Luger P0B SD


A common German pistol used in the late 19th century and the 20th century.



A standard sub-machine gun, or SMG. This is a powerful weapon to have, but does not benefit players who wish to use stealth.



A fast firing SMG.

Additional Weapons


Walther WA 2000
Blaster 93
GE M134 Minigun
Franchi PA3, 12 Gauge

PC System Requirements

  • Windows 95/98/Me/XP (Home Edition);
  • Pentium II 266 (Min.), Pentium III (Rec.);
  • 8x CD-ROM drive;
  • 64 MB RAM (Min.), 96 MB (Rec.);
  • 12 MB DirectX 7 compatible 3D graphics card (Min.);
  • DirectX 7 compatible sound card;
  • 400 MB hard drive space (Min.).

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