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Agent 47 with a W2000 sniper rifle

Agent 47, a mysterious legend in the assassin trade, is severely wounded and about to die. Being a smart fellow, he seeks refuge in a hotel to get aid from a doctor, but the pain is causing him to have feverish nightmares. Right there, in the dark apartment with the rain pouring down outside, he remembers some of his missions.


Hitman: Contracts continues the gameplay elements that made the first two games so popular. You're still a hitman who has to either rely on stealth or weaponry to take out his targets, and there are a lot of weapons to utilize! Unfortunately, players are encouraged to take a more careful route, as there's a rating system that acts as an incentive for stealthy play. You can only get the title "Silent Assassin" if you manage to kill your targets - and only your targets - without triggering any alarms or making anyone suspicious.


Aside from the more straightforward ways of killing targets such as gunplay and strangulation, several missions allow the player more subtle ways to eliminate hits. For example, poisoning food and drink, or "accidents" involving the environment, e.g. falling from a balcony or dying from an excess of steam in a sauna. Contracts continues the trend of " context sensitive" actions, which means that one button is used in multiple situations for multiple uses. For example, when the player is near a door, the context sensitive button will allow the player to perform door-relevant actions such as keyhole peeking, lock-picking, and simply opening it, but when the player is near an unconscious individual, the same button will allow the ability to either acquire the person's outfit or drag the body to an area where it can be hidden from guards.

Along with the context sensitive button, the suspicion meter returns as well; this meter informs players of how close they are to blowing their respective cover. Such actions like excessively running indoors, brandishing weapons openly, residing in restricted areas, or sneaking, can raise suspicion. As previously stated, if the suspicion meter fills, guards will open fire on sight of the player and the current cover becomes useless. Disguises can be either found in the environment or taken from indisposed bodies and can be used to access areas restricted to most individuals in a level. Guards can see through your disguise if you are careless, e.g. if guards in a level are all wielding shotguns, then if the player assumes the guise of a guard and is not armed with a shotgun, he will draw suspicion and potentially blow his cover.

Missions (in chronological order)

1. Asylum Aftermath


  • Escape from the sanitarium

Mission information:

Asylum Aftermath

This is the first mission of Hitman: Contracts, it picks up where Hitman: Codename 47 ended. Agent 47 has killed Dr. Otto Wolfgang Ort-Meyer. in the sanitarium basement and Agent 47 must make his escape. Escaping will be no small feat. 47 must reach the front entrance and reach a car parked on the parking lot. Meantime the police storm the building and will kill any sanitarium staff they encounter. The SWAT team primary target is 47. Agent 47 won’t be confronted by the police if he is disguised as a facility patient or as a SWAT team member.

2. The Meatking's Party


  • Assassinate "Meat King" Campbell Sturrock
  • Assassinate Lawyer Andrei Puscus
  • Rescue the Client's Daughter
  • Escape the Compound

Mission information:

The meat kings party

The self-appointed “Meat King”, Cambell Sturrock is the owner of Romania’s largest meat-packing facility. Sturrock was recently charge with abduction and probably murder of a woman. Andrei Puscus, Sturrock’s lawyer, got the case dropped on some small technical details and their suspicion on some bribes that put the case in their favour. Nevertheless, good news for Agent 47 is that the Meat King is having a party to celebrate their success in the courtroom. The woman that was kidnapped is your client’s daughter. The client’s wishes are that both the Meat King and the Andrei the lawyer assassinated. His daughter is to be safely returned.

3. The Bjarkhov Bomb


  • Assassinate Fabian Fuchs
  • Assassinate Commander Bjarkhov
  • Destroy dirty bomb production capability
  • Escape via the cargo plane

Mission information:

The Bjarkhov Bomb

A rare opportunity has presented it self for Agent 47. Fabian Fuchs is one of the infamous Fuchs terrorist brothers ( Franz Fuchs is his brother). Fabian is going to strike a weapons deal for the first time with Commander Sergei Bjarkhov. The secret meeting will take place at the Commander Bjarkhov’s marine base in Kamchatka in Siberia. Fabian is planning to buy a dirty bomb from the commander. Commander Bjarkhov has converted one of his submarines into a dirty bomb creation facility. The submarine is very large and it is docked near Commander Bjarkhov’s personal vessel. The client going to pay top dollars for Agent 47 to infiltrate the heavy fortified marine base, assassinate both Fabian Fuchs and Commander Sergei Bjarkhov. The client also wishes to destroy the large submarine where the dirty bombs are made. The agency has stationed a man inside the marine base that goes under the code name, “Yurishka”. The man can provide further intelligence when Agent 47 arrives. Agent 47 will under this assignment use the code name, “Mr Byrd”.

4. The Beldingford Manor


  • Assassinate Lord Winston Beldingford
  • Assassinate Alistar Beldingford
  • Rescue Giles Northcott
  • Escape Beldingford

Mission information:

Beldingford Manor

Lord Winston Beldingford and his son and heir, Alistair Beldingford, have kidnapped the client’s son; Giles Northcott. The Beldingfords are holding him prisoner at Beldingford Manor in United Kingdoms. The Beldingford family is infamous hunters, they get a thrill out hunting a truly difficult catch – another human being. Giles Northcott is about to become their next prey. The client have requested that both Beldingfords to be assassinated and Giles Northcott to be brought home to safety.

5. Rendezvous in Rotterdam


  • Assassinate Klaas Teller
  • Assassinate Rutgert Van Leuven
  • Retrieve the Photos
  • Escape

Mission information:

Rendezvous in Rotterdam

Rugert Van Leuven, boss of a biker gang. He is hanging out in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Europe. Rugert has come to possess some incriminating photographs. The photographs are evidence that show that the client involvement in some illegal acts, the client wants Agent 47 to retrieve them. Rugert has put up the photographs for auction and highest bidder is a journalist named Klaas Teller. They have scheduled a meeting shortly.

6. Deadly Cargo


  • Assassinate Boris Ivandich Deruzhka
  • Escape

Mission information:

Deadly Cargo

Boris Ivanovich Deruzhka, the international arms smuggler, is attempting to purchase a nuclear bomb. The attempt to buy the atom bomb is from the same biker gang that Agent 47 encountered in his last mission. The deal is planned to take place on board Boris’s coaster ship at Rotterdam harbor. The bikers have hidden the nuclear device in a car trunk. The package will be delivered soon to Boris ship. The bikers and Boris does not know that the Rotterdam police know about their plot. Heavily armed SWAT teams are prepared to storm the ship. The police plan is take Boris alive. But Agent 47’s client wants the weapons smuggler Boris dead, so Agent 47 must assassinate the weapons smuggler before he’s taken into custody. Rotterdam’s citizens will be thankful if Agent 47 manage disarm the nuclear bomb, thou this is not a required objective. Assassinating Boris Ivanovich Deruzhka is your primary objective

7. Traditions of the Trade


  • Assassinate Franz Fuchs
  • Assassinate Fritz Fuchs
  • Retrieve the Chemical Bomb
  • Escape with the Bomb

Mission information:

Traditions of the trade

Once more Agent 47 run into the Fuchs terrorist brothers. Franz Fuchs has constructed a very dangerous Chemical bomb, it is planned to destroy a large official building. Franz's brother, Fritz Fuchs, is keeping the bomb at his denist office at the Thermal Bath Hotel in Budapest, Hungary. Agent 47's client wants both brothers killed and the bomb retrieved for study and analysis.

8. Slaying a Dragon


  • Assassinate Red Dragon Negotiator
  • Blue Lotus Negotiator must survive
  • Escape the area

Mission information:

Slaying a dragon

A rich client has been in contact with Agent 47's agency. The client wants Agent 47 to get at the leader of Hong Kong’s Red Dragon Triad, Lee Hong. The mission is to frame the Blue Lotus Triad for the killing of one Lee Hong's closet and top men. This will provoke a gang war between the two rival triads, which in turn will weaken Lee Hong. The Red Dragons and Blue Lotuses sometimes do business with one another. Agent 47 job is to assassinate the Red Dragon Negotiator during the meeting with the Blue Lotus Negotiator at Chiu Dai park. Agent 47 must also make sure that the Blue Lotus Negotiator survives. Otherwise he can not be blamed for the murder if he is dead.

9. The Wang Fou Incident


  • Assassinate Blue Lotus Negotiator
  • Assassinate Blue Lotus Triad Member
  • Assassinate Blue Lotus Triad Member
  • Assassinate Blue Lotus Triad Member
  • Assassinate Blue Lotus Triad Member
  • Assassinate Blue Lotus Triad Member
  • Assassinate Blue Lotus Triad Member
  • Escape from mission

Mission information:

The Wang Fou Incident

The Red Dragons and the Blue Lotuses haven been dazed by the latest events, neither side thought that it would go wrong during their latest business deal at Chiu Dai Park. The Blue Lotus Triad is putting all their hope to mend the current events by meeting with their counterparts at Red Dragon turf. They will have peace negotiations at Lee Hong’s own Wang Fou Restaurant. Your current client wants Agent 47 to assassinate all six members of the Blue Lotus Triad along with the Blue Lotus Negotiator. This to make the appearance that the Red Dragons are responsible for the hits, which in turn makes the two triads to start a costly gang war and further weaken the Red Dragons almost untouchable leader, Lee Hong.

10. Seafood Massacre


  • Assassinate the Red Dragon Negotiator
  • Assassinate the Blue Lotus Negotiator
  • Assassinate the Chief of Police
  • Conceal the Red Dragon Negotiator's Body
  • Place Amulet at Restaraunt
  • Escape in the car

11. Lee Hong Assassination


  • Assassinate Triad Leader
  • Obtain Jade Figurine

12. Hunter and Hunted


  • Assassinate Inspector Albert Fournier
  • Assassinate Ambassador Richard Delahunt
  • Assassinate Tenor Philippe Berceluse
  • Escape to DeGaulle Airport


Melee Weapons

Fiber Wire47's number one choice for dispatching a target in silence.YesNo
SyringeUsed much like fiber wire, up close and personally from behind the target. Knocks Victim out for approximately 7 minutes.YesNo
Stun GunCan be used directly to attack or to execute a stealth attack. Knocks victim out for approximately 7 minutesYesYes
Meat HookCan be used directly to attack or be used to execute a stealth killYesYes**
Kitchen KnifeAh yes, trusty ol' faithful. Not just for chef's anymore. Can be used to attack directly or execute a satisfying stealth kill.YesYes

Meat Cleaver

The Kitchen Knife's not too distant cousin. Same principles apply.YesYes
Chinese SwordLet your inner samurai out.. Can be used directly to attack or be used to execute a stealth killNoYes
Fire PokerCan be used directly to attack or be used to execute a stealth kill.NoYes
ShovelNot just used to bury old problems anymore. Can only be used to attack directly.NoYes
Pool CueJust lost a game of pool and can't take defeat? Never fear, pool cue is here. Can be used to attack directly or execute a stealth kill. Note: It breaks after one use.NoYes

*. Conc = Concealable, Frisk. = Discoverable during a frisk

**. Will not be found during a frisk if Agent 47 is disguised as a butcher.


Handguns are the most versatile weapons in the game; they are lethal and concealable. Pistols come in four varieties:

  • Normal: A standard pistol
  • Silenced: A normal pistol with a silencer attached. It masks and reduces the shot’s sound
  • Dual wielding: Two normal pistols, one in each hand. Both guns fire when you press the attack button. This increase the stopping power.
  • Dual wielding silenced: Two silenced pistols, one in each hand.

The ability to duel wield is generally accomplished by completing missions with a Silent Assassin rating.

Item name and ImageItem descriptionCaliberLen.ClipWght2HCon.
CZ 2000

The CZ2000 (real-world name CZ-G2000) is a small semi-automatic pistol. It is one of the most common pistols in the game, and does not appear in any other titles in the Hitman franchise.

Weapon Variation:
Dual Wielding is available after achieving Silent Assassin rating on Mission 1, "Asylum Aftermath".

GK 17
The GK 17 is a small semi-automatic pistol. It is a common firearm found in several missions. While it takes 9mm rounds, it has the largest capacity of all other handguns in the game.
Weapon Variation:
Dual wielding is available after achieving Silent Assassin rating on Mission 10, " The Seafood Massacre".
Gold Desert Eagle
The Gold Desert Eagle is a very powerful handgun.
Weapon Variation:
Dual wielding available after obtaining Orthmeyers Key card. See ' Secrets' section of page for more information.
Magnum 500
The Magnum 500 (real-world Smith & Wesson Model 500) is a double action revolver. It is second only to the Desert Eagle in terms of power, due to it's low capacity it requires reloading often. This gun is common throughout the game.
Weapon Variation :
Dual wielding is available after achieving Silent Assassin rating on Mission 4, " Beldingford Manor"
SG220 .S
The SG220 .S is a medium sized silenced pistol. Its 9mm caliber makes it one of the weakest silenced handguns in the game, but it’s the most quiet.
Weapon Variation :
Dual wielding is available after achieving Silent Assassin rating on Mission 7, "Traditions of the Trade".
The Silverballer or Hardballer is the trademark weapon for Agent 47. Playing on normal difficulty will see you equipped with dual un-silenced and a single silenced variation. It is based on the real-world AMT Hardballer, which is an all-stainless steel constructed clone of the M1911, adapted to take .45 ACP rounds, rather than standard smaller 9mm ammunition.
Weapon Variation :
Dual wielding is available since start. Dual Silverballer Silenced Handguns is available after achieving Silent Assassin rating on Mission 3, " The Bjarkhov Bomb".
.45 ACP21.6cm71067gNoYes

*, Len. = Length, Wght. = Weight, 2H = 2 handed, Clip = Clip capacity Con. = Concealable

Dual wielding means it is possible to wield two of the same handgun. (Unlocks achieving Silent Assassin certain missions.)

Submachine Guns

Submachine guns are generally automatic firearms that use smaller calibre ammunition than assault rifles. In Hitman: Contracts some SMGs can be concealed and some have silenced variations.

Item name and ImageItem descriptionCaliberLen.ClipWght2HCon.
AUG Submachine Gun
Aug Submachine Gun is works perfect against distant targets. Because of its long barrel it makes to the most accurate submachine gun in the game.9mm66.5cm253,3kgYesNo
Micro Uzi
The Micro Uzi is the smallest submachine gun Agent 47 can get hold off. The Micro Uzi can easily be concealed. The drawback is that it features the smallest clip capacity at only 20 rounds per clip. But it is the only concealable submachine gun that is silenced.
Weapon variations:
Dual wielding a vailable after achieving Silent Assassin rating on Mission 3, " The Meat King's Party".
Dual wielding silenced versions is available after achieving Silent Assassin rating on Mission 11, " Lee Hong Assassination".
9mm25 cm201.5NoYes
MP5 Submachine Gun
The MP5 Submachine Gun is a powerful fast-firing weapon. It also features he largest clip capacity of all submachine guns.
Weapon variatations:
Silenced version is a vilable after achieving Silent Assassin rating on Mission 8, "Slaying a Dragon".
9mm66 cm302.9kgYesNo
MP9 Submachine Gun
The MP9 Submachine Gun is the only one of its type you can conceal, except for the Micro Uzi. However, the MP9 is more accurate and features a larger clip capacity than the Micro Uzi.9mm55.6cm253 kgNoYes

*, Len. = Length, Wght. = Weight, 2H = 2 handed, Clip = Clip capacity Con. = Concealable

Dual wielding means it is possible to wield two of the same submachine gun. (Unlocks through achieving Silent Assassin certain missions.)

Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are deadly at any distance, fully automatic weapons that feature large ammo capacities. The downside is that Agent 47 cannot conceal assault rifles, this forces you to carry them in the open. If Agent 47 utilizes a proper disguise, he will not attract unwanted attention.

Item name and ImageItem descriptionCaliberLen.ClipWght2HCon.
AK74 Assault Rifle
The AK 74 Assault rifle features a longer barrel than the M4 Carbine, making it the most accurate assault rifle in the game. The downside, its rate of fire is slower
than the M4 Carbine.
Weapon variations:
Silenced AK74 Assault Rifle - Available after achieving Silent Assassin rating on Mission 9, " The Wang Fou Incident"
M4 Carbine Assault Rifle

The M4 Carbine got a shorter barrel than the AK74, it’s a bit less accurate. It has a higher rate of fire that the AK74.

Weapon variations:
Silenced M4 Carbine Assault Rifle - Available after achieving Silent Assassin rating on Mission 6, " Deadly Cargo".

*, Len. = Length, Wght. = Weight, 2H = 2 handed, Clip = Clip capacity Con. = Concealable


Shotguns fire shots with dozens of small pellets and are lethal when used at close or medium distances. A drawback there is no way to silence a shotgun. Shotguns are most practical when you already have caused a alarm and need to shot yourself out of a situation.

Item name and ImageItem descriptionCaliberLen.ClipWght2HCon.
Double-Barreled Shotgun
The Double-barreled Shotgun is a very powerful weapon. Because of its long barrels it will maintain a quite fair amount of accuracy even at long distances. Both barrels are fired at the same time when Agent 47 pulls the trigger. The Double-barreled Shotgun can be found in Mission nr. 4: " Beldingford Manor".12 ga.115.7cm23.2kgYesNo
Sawed-Off Shotgun
The Sawed-off Shotgun’s shortened barrels allow you to secretly conceal the
weapon in your clothing. A downside with the sawed-off is a reduction in accuracy when used from long range. You can collect this weapon mission nr.4 " Beldingford Manor".
Weapon variations:
Dual-wielding available after achieving Silent Assassin rating on Mission 5, " Rendezvous in Rotterdam".
12 ga.65.4cm22.8kgYesYes
SPAS 12 Gauge Shotgun
The SPAS 12 Gauge Shotgun
is fully-automatic, single-barrel
design and 8-shell capacity make this the best shotgun in the game. While you can collect this weapon from the first mission, it’s easiest to grab in Mission 7: " Traditions of the Trade".
12 ga.93 cm842YesNo

*, Len. = Length, Wght. = Weight, 2H = 2 handed, Clip = Clip capacity Con. = Concealable

Sniper Rifles

Sniper rifles allows Agent 47 to plan and take out targets at great distance from a secure and safe position. All sniper rifles features a powerful scope that makes the perfect shot possible.

Item name and ImageItem descriptionCaliberLen.ClipWght2HCon.
Dragunov Sniper Rifle
The Dragunov is a modern semi-automatic sniper rifle. It’s accurate and is the lightest in weight of the sniper rifles in Contracts. You can zoom in twice with its powerful scope, which also offers a generous field of vision.7.62mm125.5cm104.31kgYesNo
Enforcer Sniper Rifle
The Enforcer is a bolt action sniper rifle based on the Lee Enfield variant, the Enfield Enforcer. It has one level of magnification, and the field of vision is limited. The Enforcer can be found in the first mission of the game.7.62mm120.5cm104.75kgYesNo
PGM Sniper Rifle

The PGM (real-world PGM 338) is a bolt action sniper rifle of French origin. It has two levels of optical magnification in Hitman: Contracts and is one of the rarest weapons in the game.

Weapon variations:
The silenced version of the PGM is available after achieving Silent Assassin rating on Mission 12, " Hunter and Hunted"
R93 Sniper Rifle
The R93 Sniper Rifle is modern and features quite a unusual and rare design. The rifle’s scope doesn’t provide the best field of vision, but you can zoom in twice for accurate shooting over long distances.7.62mm119 cm54.8 kgYesNo
W2000 Sniper Rifle
The W2000 (based on real-world WA-2000) is the only fully silent scoped weapon in the game. It is the trademark sniper rifle of Agent 47. One of it's most key features is that it can be disassembled and packed in a suitcase, allowing 47 to travel through levels without alerting people around him.7.62mm90.568.31kgYesNo

*, Len. = Length, Wght. = Weight, 2H = 2 handed, Clip = Clip capacity Con. = Concealable

Heavy Weapons

When noise and attention doesn't matter. Agent 47 can then bring in the big guns.

Item name and ImageItem descriptionCaliberLen.ClipWght2HCon.
M60 Light Machinegun
The M60 Light Machinegun is one of the deadliest weapons due to its high ammo capacity and fast rate of fire. It takes seconds to reload and can mow down a crowd of enemies. This killer weapon is only found in the restaurant’s basement in Mission 11: " Lee Hong Assassination."7.62mm110cm10010.5kgYesNo
Mini Gun
Available after obtaining Orthmeyers Key card. See 'Secrets' section of page for more information.7.62mm100cm100018.8kgYesNo

*, Len. = Length, Wght. = Weight, 2H = 2 handed, Clip = Clip capacity Con. = Concealable


How to unlock Minigun and Dual Gold Desert Eagles

In Mission 9, "The Wang Fou Incident", look for a hidden elevator not marked on your map, and go down into the basement of the restaurant (The stairs are also an option). Follow the underground passages until you come to another elevator. Once inside, select the option "Mansion" on the elevator button. Once you are in the mansion section of the map look around until you find an office. On the desk is Orthmeyers Key card. Now beat the mission anyway you can and make sure you save your game. When you beat the game and are able to replay missions go back to Mission 1, Asylum Aftermath. Once you exit the winding hallway where you started look to your left and you will see a locked metal gate. Unlock the gate with Orthmeyers key cardI and you will find a demented patient walking with a minigun. Take it. You will also find the dual gold plated Desert Eagles in another locked room after you make your way through the hallway with the mirrors. Beat the mission with these weapons in your Inventory and they will be added to your Weapons Cache.

Xbox 360 Compatibility

The Xbox version of Hitman: Contracts is backward compatible with the Xbox 360, however the game does not function when the console is set to 1080p, requiring the resolution to be set to 1080i or lower.

HD Re-Release

Hitman: Contracts was re-released with high definition visuals as part of Hitman: HD Trilogy on January 29, 2013. It was also made available as a standalone 2.38 GB download on the PlayStation Network for $16.99.

System requirements

Microsoft Windows:

  • Pentium III 800 or Athlon equivalent
  • 256MB RAM
  • 32MB Video Memory
  • 2GB hard disk space

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