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Hitman Go is a turn-based puzzle game where players assume the role of Agent 47 and make their way through numerous compact levels presented from a top-down perspective reminiscent of a diorama or a doll's house.


The gameplay of Hitman Go, stripped down to its core mechanics can be described as a clockwork puzzle. Players are challenged to understand and overcome the rhythm of each level (the timing of enemy movements, routes and patterns) using knowledge accrued in previous levels and the tools at their disposal.

Information is conveyed to the player in a strictly visual language without written text. New mechanics are introduced often, and with each level being very short, the game is not afraid to force the player to engage in a little trial and error (i.e. getting killed a couple of times) to comprehend how the new features figure into the overall gameplay.

Players navigate each level beginning from a fixed start point and attempt to reach the end from which they progress to the next level. Occasionally the goal of a level with be a 'mark' who needs to be assassinated rather than a simple destination that needs to be reached. Movement is restricted to set pathways marked on the floor of each level.

Each level contains a number of enemies who must be avoided, killed or deceived in order to successfully complete them. As the player progresses, new mechanics are introduced that add complexity to the gameplay such as plants that can be hidden behind, objects that can be thrown to distract and change the movement patterns of enemies, and new types of enemies with their own sets of behaviours.


The presentation of Hitman Go posses a rather unique visual aesthetic. Both gameplay and menus are presented in the form of a board game where both Agent 47, NPCs, and enemy units are static, unanimated pieces. Keeping with this theme, the levels look like minimalist representations of architectural models.

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