"Hitman 5" Where would you like to see it go?

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As a true fan of the Hitman franchise I have been with the game since I first played Hitman: Codename 47 eight years ago, at I guess 13.  Damn time flies.  Anyway I love the concept of the game and the main protagonis agent 47, is one of my favourite game characters.  With this said, I was very disapointed with the film adaptation of the game "Hitman" starring Timothy Olyphant, but I can leave that for another discussion.  The question I pose here is where would you like to see the next game in the franchise go?  Plot wise, locations, weapons, new gameplay mechanics, everything is open!

#2 Posted by matkey1988 (15 posts) -

I would love to see bigger levels in blood money you started in the area were the mission would begin. How about makeing your way there, or when u take your  clothing off it dont fold up nice and neat so when you come back to wear it the guards could wonder why say a man is walking about in a suit thats crumpled and a bit dirty

#3 Posted by Termite (2428 posts) -

Yeah, I'm not a big Hitman player but really expansive levels would be great

#4 Posted by banksrob (1140 posts) -

yea i have played every Hitman game and loved blood money, they could take it anywhere but i would like to see more spectacular locations est.

#5 Posted by hankez (31 posts) -

I'm also a huge Hitman fan and played it since back in 2000.

Wishlist for the Hitman sequel:

  • Bigger Maps 
  • More Missions
  • Huge Variation (Replay value)
  • More Guns To Play With
  • More "Death Types"
  • Amazing Story
  • Able to hide in the dark
  • More 47 moves
  • Create own mission and maps with a map editor
  • Multiplayer
  • Advanced AI
#6 Posted by MikeFightNight (1153 posts) -

Sweet ideas.  Yeah I hope they do alot of the same stuff most of you mentioned.  A level creator also sounds like a neat idea. It will be it's first apperance on the next gen consoles made from the ground up, so I hope they take  advantage of the tools they have.  I'm a sucker for physics and graphics, so I hope the game creates an even more realistic enviroment using both these aspects.  Blood Money was my favourite Hitman game so far, but some stuff just struck me as odd, like the way bodies go flying about when you hit them with a shotgun blast, or your upgraded fully automatic Silverballers.

I also hope they keep in the same vein as Blood Money when it comes to missions, concentrating more on whats going on in the level instead of just the local.  I mean Vegas is awesome, but attending a Heaven and Hell rave and taking out a mark in a high class hotel is something else.

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Yeah delving deeper into 47 "feelings" is something I would like to see, but it needs to be done right.  Silent Assassin was the only game that showed off any of his personal thoughts and feeling's at all.  After that game it was like he died a little inside, back to business.

#8 Posted by xplodedd (1379 posts) -

i think the games were good, but i mean blood money was designed for cheats, and id really like to see that shit removed. even though it was a good game, also if there is more of a story ill be happy.

#9 Posted by NotaStalker (175 posts) -

MEH. Never liked the hitman games. Something about a bald protagonist

#10 Posted by MikeFightNight (1153 posts) -

Hahaha "Something about a bald protagonist".  Maybe it makes you uncomfortable of what the future may bring to your own head? hahahah

#11 Posted by x3ar (240 posts) -

id love to see hitman tokyo. Have him go round the suburbs of busy tokyo chaseing ppl through crowds maybe useing the huge storm drains and snipeing people from the roofs.

#12 Posted by Hannibal (877 posts) -

I liked a lot of the stuff they did in Blood Money. That was the first game I really completed in the chise.

1. More creative accidents, the opera one was genius
2. Way more "correct" paths
3. Better-feeling controls
4. Creative ways to move weapons. Like, imagine dumping your guns in a place's chimney, then going through security, then picking up your guns inside.

I dunno. All the other stuff would be good too.

#13 Posted by MikeFightNight (1153 posts) -

I also hope that they go back to the route of having alot more different weapons.  I think contracts had the best choice of weapons and the ability to carry all of them with you was great, although not very realistic.  However it was rad to be able to customize your key weapons in Blood Money.  In Blood:Money though you could only take one weapon of each category on a mission, which when it came to handguns was missing the point.  Anyway  I hope they let you take more weapons on your missions this time around.

Bring back the Sawed off shotgun!

#14 Posted by MikeFightNight (1153 posts) -

I also hope that they add more places where you can use non-silenced weaponery, and not be alret people around. ie. loud clubs, ect.  I thought Contracts had some good oppurtunities like this.

#15 Posted by banksrob (1140 posts) -

more interactive environments in a true next gen hitman. The environments will be the big factor as well as the story, i mean how about having to assasiate somone giving a spech in a crowded city or somthing i dont know but ime sure they shall make it awesome

#16 Posted by Pie (7219 posts) -

Lots of different ways of killing someone. In blood money youd normally be presented with the 'best kill' but in the next game there should be lots of 'best kills' also when is it coming out

#17 Posted by sgt_match (141 posts) -

The games do keep getting better.  Contracts was better than Silent Assasin, Blood Money was better than Contracts.  It was a good idea to reduce the proximity alert factor.  I'd like to see notoriety play a bigger role.  Upgradable weapons are a must, I missed them in Contracts.

What if the entire game takes place in one city.  I know the locales are a big part of Hitman, but what if there was more of a sandbox feel and maybe some side missions.  Imagine actually stalking someone for a couple days, getting to know their routine, sneaking in and looking at their daily planner maybe? dunno. it could work. It looks like 47 might be freelance, not working exclusively for the Agency anymore... so it could work. 

In any case I loved accidents, but they need to not be the only way to get a silent assasin rating.  Just because a guy was strangled doesn't necessarily make me a worse assasin.  There should be multiple paths to your objective and therefore many ways to get in, kill, and get out without being seen and without leaving evidence.  And then there could be some online community play like in Banjo Kazooie where people could compare their silent assasin rated kills.  maybe even a  points system where one silent assasin kill is better than another.  Both don't gain you any notoriety, but cutting a dude's break lines might be better than sniping him.

I like the way Hitman handles their stories.  you kinda have to look for clues them to find out how the missions are connected and what they mean to 47.

#18 Posted by Arkthemaniac (6872 posts) -
sgt_match said:

What if the entire game takes place in one city.  I know the locales are a big part of Hitman, but what if there was more of a sandbox feel and maybe some side missions.

What if it was a sandbox . . . IN MULTIPLE CITIES ACROSS THE GLOBE!?!

That would probably be king of sandbox games.
#19 Posted by Origina1Penguin (3521 posts) -

I posted a bunch of ideas over at hitmanforum.com.  There's many things I'd like to see happen with the next game, but realistically I feel like the developer is limited in what they can do with the game.  I'm a huge fan of the series so I'll buy the next game for sure, but it really does need quite a few improvements.

#20 Posted by Alexander (1760 posts) -

Making it sandbox would be a huge mistake. The reason why Hitman has the replay value that it does is because the missions are so varied and that is attributed to not just the hit but the location. The next Hitman needs to, once again, take place all over the world. I would be fine with mostly the same formula but with great graphics, an improved crowd system, improved AI and CQC. So long as IO can be really creative with the environments the next Hitman game will be awesome.

I couldn't see multiplayer working.

#21 Posted by RandomHero666 (3184 posts) -

Multiplayer could so work.
Maybe at the start of a game, in a large area probably, 10 people start a game... each get a card with another player on it, so everyone is only trying to kill one other person, disguises would work and people could travel in pairs or groups to hunt down their targets, and if they're smart, mingle with a group that contains their target, to get closer.

#22 Posted by Alexander (1760 posts) -
RandomHero666 said:
"Multiplayer could so work.
Maybe at the start of a game, in a large area probably, 10 people start a game... each get a card with another player on it, so everyone is only trying to kill one other person, disguises would work and people could travel in pairs or groups to hunt down their targets, and if they're smart, mingle with a group that contains their target, to get closer.
That is exactly what I was thinking but the problem would be that people would just learn the level (so you'd have everyone trying to do the same thing, it would get boring) or it would need to be completely different to how you usually play a Hitman game. I suppose they could make levels that had an unbelievable number of variables.
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Change up the settings completely.

Have some levels take place in the past, like feudal japan or wild west, then have some in the future like neo tokyo , set them as open world games where you take on hits/ and missions instead of confined levels

#24 Posted by Captain_Fookup (1526 posts) -

Outer Space.

#25 Posted by Pibo47 (3236 posts) -

I just want more hitman period.

#26 Posted by Crypto136 (143 posts) -

I want online co-op...i jus think it would be sick to have your friend do a distraction as you run inside and get the stuff and kill the targets

#27 Posted by ValkyrieGoddess (1928 posts) -

i would like to see it GO AWAY.

#28 Posted by Matt_ (341 posts) -

My big thing is that they really need to update the shooting. I wouldn't say they should make it feel like a shooter but the weapons need more of an impact when you are firing them. If they could keep the same stalking your prey stuff but make the guns feel powerful it would be way more satisfying to put a round into somebody.

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