I worked on a game in the Indie Royale: Valentines Day Bundle

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This was a pretty awesome deal. I ordered one and might order one for a friend. Thanks!

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So is the game basically a top down shooter with some RTS elements, not trying to sound demeaning to the game by simpilfying it, I was a bit unclear from the video and description on the site.

Also what was your job in the production of this game (I had a hard trying to word that question for some reason, maybe because I'm tired)

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...good for you?

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These indie bundles are getting way way way too frequent now.

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@Eidderf: I like to classify HOARD as a reverse rts. There is a world in which you are interacting (BURNINATING) with the world in a way that gets you the most gold. The world creates towns,farms,castles and other buildings that are interacting with each other. You can play it as a score attack game, a competitive free for all game and a co-op game! There is a demo on steam if you want to check it out. I was a generalist programmer on the game!

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