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A long-term investment in fun 0

  Hoard is (currently) a PS3 exclusive in which you play as a dragon. Already the game risks drawing unfavourable comparisons to the other PS3-exclusive dragon game; however, the two could not be more opposite. I would tell you that Hoard has been a great experience from start to finish, but that would leave you with the incorrect impression that it ends. Hoard is not temporary entertainment until the next big thing comes along; it is a long-term investment in fun for you, your family, and you...

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HOARD Review 0

This action strategy game from Big Sandwich Games is where you play AS the Dragon! There’s no story, it’s an arena game that can be played online, offline, or co-op (local and internet). The premise is simple: Destroy, upgrade, and steal as much gold as you can in the time allotted to win.There’s four modes to HOARD: Treasure (standard), Princess Rush, HOARD, and Co-Op. Treasure is the standard mode where you (solo or against 3 other enemies, AI or player-controlled) fight for the highest stack ...

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Clever idea, but lack of variety kills it. 0

The ShortPros- Arcade style action where you play as a dragon- Burninate the countryside, burninate the peasants, burninate all the people in their thatched roof cottages- Four player multiplayer is actually pretty fun- Easy to grasp a hold of, core concepts are solid and fun for a few gamesCons- Graphics look pretty bad- Doesn't mix stuff up enough; once you've played the tutorial you pretty much know how the rest of the game goes- Keyboard and mouse controls are totally broken; better get a co...

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