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Hobbes are about half the size of a man, bald, with skin rangeing from grey to red to black. They appear to reproduce parasitically by kidnapping children and turning them into hobbes. They appear in mobs of three to around sevenish. IT is also note worthy that in Fable 2 during the Brightwood Tower quest, Chesty the psychotic magical chest mentions that hobbes are "...children whos souls have been taken by dark nymphs." suggesting that hobbes do not in fact reproduce they are just by products of nymphs stealing childrens souls.

In Fable

Hobbes tend to be found in wilderness and cave areas (specifically the greatwood and darkwood areas and hobbe cave in fable 1, and in fable 2 they are simply found in the hobbe cave in rookridge and in the woods (seemingly at random loations). In fable 1 Hobbes weilded both axes and some hobbes used magic (a shadow ball attack), attacking in large packs making up for their weakness. In fable 2, more different types of Hobbes appeared, some using guns, more mages, suicide bomber hobbes, some even using stiltlike contraptions to give themselves a height advantage. Also in some areas hobbes appear to be social and organized enough to use guerrilla tactics, camouflaging themselves by hiding in bushes or barrels and attacking the player as he/she walks by.

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