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During the game Pikmin the Hocotate Freight employee Captain Olimar (noted to be the only Hocotate Freight employee of any merit) became stranded on a distant planet after crash landing his beloved rocket, the S.S. Dolphin, while on vacation.
Some time before Pikmin 2 the employee Louie was tasked with the job of transporting a shipment of golden Pikpik carrots, however he returned to the President claiming that the carrots were eaten by a giant space bunny, although it's possible that Louie ate them himself. This loss plunged the company into severe debt and meant that the President was forced to sell Olimar's ship.
With the help of the creatures known as Pikmin, Olimar managed to repair his rocket and return to Hocotate, but upon arriving had his ship hauled away. The President explained to him the situation that had befallen the company and led to their 10,100 poko (pokos are the currency of Hocotate) debt. At this point the ship owned by Hocotate analysed a bottle cap brought back by Olimar from the Planet of the Pikmin and valued its worth at 100 pokos. Deducing that the planet must be littered with treasure the President commanded Olimar and Louie to return to the planet with the Hocotate ship and collect enough treasure to clear their debt.
With the help of the Pikmin, Olimar and Louie recovered many objects from the planet, all of which appeared to be miscellaneous items possibly discarded by humans, such as the lids of jars and floppy discs. All of these were marketed by Hocotate as highly valuable or useful items and eventually Hocotate Freight entirely cleared their debt. Unfortunately in the return journey to Hocotate, Louie was lost on the Planet of the Pikmin.
Olimar returned to Hocotate alone, but the President had the Hocotate ship coated in gold to celebrate their new source of wealth, and he and Olimar returned to the planet to acquire more treasures and search for Louie. Louie was eventually found and Hocotate Freight became rich in the process.

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