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While this 1992 release may have looked flashy because of its holographic arcade technology, the Sega System 32-powered action found in Sega's Holosseum wasn't up to modern fighting game standards. The game features four characters and only utilizes two attack buttons. Each character has a couple of special moves. It was released as a conversion kit for Time Traveler, Sega's first (and only other) holographic release.

To make the holographic effect stand out, the game completely lacks backgrounds, instead taking place in a black space that gives the whole game a slightly futuristic look. Also, the play area is significantly smaller than most fighting games, so the combatants are right up in each others' faces at all times.

In the single-player mode, the player fights all four fighters in normal fights, then, upon completion, goes on to an "extra" mode, where the same four fighters are thrown out, one round each, until a timer expires.

Playable Characters

  • Dave
  • Jack Garrison
  • Professor Chen
  • Somchay Dompayagen

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