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Hom is a homunculus created by Astrid after inquiring Rorona if she'd like to have a younger sibling around. Hom refers Rorona as his/her "master" and Astrid as "grand master." Hom was purposely produced at the height of 4 foot 8 inches, just an inch and a quarter taller than Cory, so that Astrid can make fun of Cory's short height. Though Hom is supposed to show no emotions, he/she begins to show some emotion when he/she stops by on his/her way to acquiring an item for Rorona on taking care and raising a kitten.


The player can choose Hom to be of a male or female gender when Astrid asks Rorona what type of sibling she'd prefer. Hom can perform two tasks to assist Rorona. Hom can go out and gather items from an outside area ventured by the player earlier. It will take Hom the same amount of days the player takes in going out and returning from the desired location. Hom can also synthesize all items the player has successfully synthesized before and will take the same amount of days the player took into synthesizing the desired item. The player can also command Hom to produce the synthesized item to be of high or low quality, or containing many or few traits.

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