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Good fiction takes a backseat to generic action 2

The American economy has fallen, most of Asia has joined forces with North Korea under threat of total annihilation, and food in the U.S. is scarce. In 2027, a fragile America is nothing other than a shadow of its former self.   A newly formed Asian empire has taken advantage of the fallen superpower and launched a full-scale attack. Overwhelmed, the U.S. military is scattered and utterly defeated. Homefront tells the tale of an occupied America. From a distance, this setting might sound like so...

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A Worthy Successor to Turning Point: Fall of Liberty 2

Homefront is what you would call a train wreck. A disaster that is hard to understand when everything looked so promising. Who  didn't instantly think of Freedom Fighters when first seeing this, who didn't love the idea of an alternate future where North Korea invaded the U.S. of A and you had to set it free? Unfortunately, all these hopes are shattered after about 10 minutes of gameplay. As mentioned before, the game's plot centers around a resistance group in a North Korean occupied America. E...

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Never surrender: A Homefront Review 2

For me, it's hard to think of or play Homefront without conjuring up memories of playing Freedom Fighters, the squad-based third person shooter released in 2003 by io and published by EA. The game didn't sell well, but it was one of the most well-made games last generation. While the types of games are exact opposites, the story and premise of Freedom Fighters was an alternate future where the Soviet Union dropped the bomb on Japan and became a world power and invaded the United States. It was a...

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Can't Go Home 1

When it comes to shooters, I'd consider myself to be pretty jaded. With the market as saturated as it is, a game really has to work to stand out in my eyes. Consider it a testament to the strength of Homefront's premise, then, that I was genuinely anticipating THQ and Kaos Studios' tale of Eastern domination. The marketing blitzkrieg supporting Homefront claimed that the game would thrust players headfirst into a desperate struggle for survival against impossible odds. The stakes? Only the furth...

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Home is where the online isn't 0

Homefront is a game that looked so promising. In some ways it is, but in more way than one, it isn't. You see, it's a good game and would be accepted as one, if the stakes were low. Shame they were high then, because it's not quite what you thought it would be.  You start off the single-player campaign in a small room. The radios on, all is peaceful, until theres a knock on the door. As you go to answer it, it is kicked open and you are pinned against the wall, chucked down the stairs and onto a...

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Futility 0

 You know, it is hard to know when to admit defeat in things. All the time I feel subjected to great scrutiny in all I do, and no matter how hard I try I often feel I am being held back, oppressed and deflated through expectations. I guess my own efforts that end in futility makes pastimes like this more cathartic for me. To be honest, the issue of futility is something that comes up a lot when dealing with video games. Take, for example, the popularity of first person shooters like Call of Duty...

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Homefront Review (SP) 1

Homefront (SP) How the war was won in record time Xbox 360 Played to completion on easy difficulty The world has spun out of control. The US is now under the control of the Unified Korean nation. Taken down by an EMP from a "peaceful" Korean sattelite. You are Robert Jacobs, a military pilot eeking out an existence in occupied Colorado. You are soon thrust into the resistance, a ragtag group of ordinary citizens attempting to fight and take back their land. The fighting is inevitable, but is...

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XBOX 360 Review: Homefront 0

First person shooters are a dime a dozen in the game industry so every new game in the genre needs to have a hook to capture the interest of its prospective audience. Developer Kaos Studios set out to one up the competition with Homefront by setting their game in a near future where a unified Korea has occupied the United States west of the Mississippi. It is a horrifying premise to be sure and to bolster the game’s credibility, Kaos has enlisted the help of John Milius, ...

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Pros and Cons: Homefront (Single Player) 0

John Milius, the Oscar-nominated writer behind Apocalypse Now and Red Dawn, has stepped into the gaming world and has given us Homefront. Shortly after the death of North Korean Kim Jung-il in 2012, his son Kim Jong-un becomes ruler and unifies both North and South Korea under one country. His power builds and builds until he finally invades the United States in 2025. Two years later, you as Robert Jacobs join a resistance group as you attempt to take back your life, your country, and your freed...

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Look, it's a Red Dawn video game! And just as bad as the movie! 6

          While the title is meant semi-jokingly, anyone who has actually watched Red Dawn will agree that it is not exactly one of the greatest movies ever made. Hell, it has Patrick Swayze in it. In this same vein, Homefront is a game that cannot have a very deep story. The Russians are replaced with the Koreans, but other than that it is pretty much a straight rip-off. The game takes place several years after the occupation of the US, as the "Norks" are moving across the country and slowly ta...

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Home Is Not Where the Heart Is 0

Homefront is the next big shooter for next generation systems and the PC. Brought to you from the writer of Red Dawn and Apocalypse Now, this shooter feels second rate in comparison most shooters in recent memory and some not so recent. I'm not going to go deep into the story as that's about the only thing going for this game, even if the story beats are as subtle as possible, but you play a man rescued by resistance fighters in Korean occupied America. You will go through suburban landscapes...

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Red Dawn deserved a better spiritual successor than this 0

First of all, let's talk about the great big elephant in the room. Homefront's story is about North Korea somehow reuniting with South Korea, then taking over Japan and large portions of Southeast Asia, and ultimately invading and conquering most of the continental United States. This situation is farcical and clearly makes no sense at all. Why did they choose to tell such an idiotic story? Well, from what I've gathered, the original story was going to be about China taking over the US. That als...

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A game set in the future that's stuck in the past 0

If you browse the wiki page for Homefront's basic premise, it's kind of hard not to get very intrigued and get a desire to find out more. A convincing and eerily plausible scenario, a Hollywood writer and a campaign geared towards actually building emotion out of the player rather than just living out your action junkie fantasies was quite intriguing. But whether it's lack of faith or a case of "I call 'em as I see 'em", Homefront looked kind of generic and what I'd like to call a "placeholder" ...

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Will Homefront Make You Yell "Wolverines"? Probably Not. 0

    When the most memorable thing about your game is the free tacos you were handing out to people on the streets of San Francisco, clearly something has gone wrong. Not only has developer Kaos Studios missed the mark on what should have been a great shooter set in a dystopian near future, what they put together seems down right lazy and offensive to charge full retail price for. So what went wrong with this long anticipated entry into the first person shooter genre? Where do we even start?   In...

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Mediocre 0

Too short campaign, uneven graphical quality, atrocious A/I and random difficulty spikes mar a decent premise.  The controls are fine and the game includes the requisite turret, helicopter, etc. levels but the A/I has the uncanny ability to see you from clear across the map and completely ignore your squad mates to shoot you through cover seemingly at random.  There are glimples of what this game could have been when the game slows down and offers in-game cutscenes setting up the desperation and...

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Onlive Version: Meh, with a side of Frustration 0

I have Homefront for the Onlive service and have been playing it with my micro-console on my TV. I will approach this review from the Onlive perspective as well as from the overall gameplay perspective.OnliveThis game has been heavily promoted over the past several months for all of the consoles and it is my understanding from the press from Onlive, they have been working closely with the developer to get it to work well on the system. Performance wise the game works pretty well on the Onlive se...

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Solid, but short game 0

From playing Homefront I find myself thinking about how much more interesting it could have been. I actually enjoyed the campaign quite a bit (even despite its short length), but somehow having what I can remember as 100% identical controls and shooting mechanics to Call of Duty makes it feel like more of a copy cat then something unique (fair or unfair).It's a small note, but the controller vibration was done very well in this game, and weapons somehow feel like they have some good weight behin...

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Great multi-player, poor single-player 0

Do you like Battlefield 2? Do you like Modern Warfare? Well then, Homefront might be the game for you. KAOS Studios has managed to user their past experience of working on Desert Combat and Frontlines to create a very cohesive shooter that fixes the ground combat problem of the mainline Battlefield series by making it much more fluid and fast, while still keeping all of the strong vehicle combat and open maps that were lost in the Bad Company series. It’s the best of both worlds and everything p...

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Lowered Expectations 0

I don't normally purchase games day one, nevermind at full price.  However, I've had my eye on Homefront since I first heard about it - I've really wanted a game to explore the possibility of an invasion of the US.  I still would love to see Heartland be made, and Homefront sounded just up that alley.    What a letdown.  I told myself several times: calm down, this is Kaos, Frontlines was buggy and a similar disappointment, just let it go on sale on Steam.  But I didn't listen, and I was done 6 ...

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Homefront Review: Home is where the trash is 0

Homefront has an intriguing concept, the USA has been occupied by a powerful foreign aggressor and you are a member of a resistance movement fighting for liberation. Homefront presents a scenario were North Korea has forged a new powerful state in Asia and defeated the USA by using an emp weapon and begins a brutal occupation. There are strong scenes which pull at emotional heart strings and the premise is excellent, but the game wholly fails to achieve its potential on every front. The story h...

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Homefront, far from a homerun 0

Homefront sets up a cool story but falls short with it's delivery .When i look at it i think “Oh cool red dawn the video game” but soon after starting the game i was filled with great disappointment. Homefront is a 4 hour run in the mill sluggish shooter. In the single player your spend your time building up to what turns out to be one of the most anticlimactic endings in a game. It seems like every mission is more or less the same. The game at times tries to relay on shock value at points in t...

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Red Dawn Lite 0

Homefront is one of those games that tries to reach the a certain height, but in the end it only seems to have reached about half way up what they were aiming for and promised, which makes this game feel like quite a bunch of failed potential. There’s not much to the game with a rather lackluster single player and a Call of Dutyesque multiplayer adds to an underwhelming experience. It’s sad to me as I’m a huge fan of 1984’s movie Red Dawn, so when I heard that it the story was being written by t...

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Homefront Review 0

After taking about 5 hours to finish the Homefront campaign, I feel like there was so much more story that could have been told but Kaos studio just did not have the time to create enough game to explain it all. The story was a well written one that has rarely been seen in video games, and especially in FPS games.   The game play of Homefront left a lot to be desired. I liked how the bullets you shot killed an enemy after only a few shots, giving it a more realistic feel which was the aim of ...

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Homefront: The art of hyperbole 2

Homefront is an example of a beautiful deception that has become a practice standard within the video game industry through the art of hyperbole. Turning nothing into something is an interesting use of false words and excitement to trick people into doing what they otherwise would not. However,  it's also plaguing an industry that was once a stepping stone of innovation and technology. Why was Homefront such a disappointment? Let's find out:      Where Homefront fails the single player tries to ...

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My Homefront Review 0

Seeing as this is my first (hopefully, of many) review, I'll explain a little bit of how I intend to approach the games and how I'll score them out. My plan is to break down each game in to categories, giving each category a score which factors into a final score. T he categories I would like to cover in my reivews are visuals, sound, design, and game play. (AWK) This may change later on if I stick with this sort of thing. Scoring will be done on a 10 point scale, with 10 being the highest pos...

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Homefront Review 0

Game: Homefront Platform: Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and [b]PC ( Reviewed )[/b] MRSP: 59.99 ( Console ) 49.99 ( PC ) Developed By: Kaos Studios Homefront puts you in the shoes of a member of the resistance movement fighting the korean occupation of the United States of America by the now unified nation of Korea under the rule of Kim Jong-un.  The premise borrows allot from the cult classic movie Red Dawn which is appropriate as the game was written by the very same person who directed and co-wr...

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Home is Where the Disappointment Is 0

Introduction Despite the release date review embargo, i really had high hopes for Homefront. A strong, story driven campaign was promised, which is something that is not seen very often in first person shooters. Needless to say, i waited until after reviews hit before deciding to give it a try. I debated heavily before buying after seeing the mixed reviews, and decided to get it anyway. The developers promised a lot with Homefront, but the game comes up short in almost every way.     Story Alth...

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War hits the Homefront 0

Imagine waking up one to find that your countries defenses are down and that former enemies unify in order take over your home and push it's Agenda. Sure there would be resistance, but how could you fight back? Would you even try? In Homefront you get to experience North America in a time of desperation as North & South Korea come together to take over. The beginning of the game shows some horrible images and give you a reason to fight. You play as former pilot Robert Jacobs as he finds him...

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What were they thinking?!!! 0

Homefront was released on March 15th and ever since playing it I have been begging the question: Where the fuck did good shooters go?Apart from an abysmally bland campaign consisting of a depressingly ugly array of characters and weapons, the multiplayer failed harder than any other game I've seen. It seems like games these days are simply concerned about who can blow up enough shit to get the player's attention, and that is YOUR fault, you demented, slow, retarded, adolescent, morons who keep t...

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Homefront Review 0

Platform: Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC Genre: First Person ShooterRelease Date: March 15th~18th 2011Developer: Kaos StudiosPublisher: THQHomefront is a first person shooter developed by Kaos studios and published by THQ. Set in the year 2027, a united Korean People’s army has swept the world with an unexpected ferocity and has invaded the United States. You play as a pilot who is fighting for the American resistance who is trying to survive the military occupied USA - your Homefront.   This is no...

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