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Pros and Cons: Homefront (Single Player)

John Milius, the Oscar-nominated writer behind Apocalypse Now and Red Dawn, has stepped into the gaming world and has given us Homefront. Shortly after the death of North Korean Kim Jung-il in 2012, his son Kim Jong-un becomes ruler and unifies both North and South Korea under one country. His power builds and builds until he finally invades the United States in 2025. Two years later, you as Robert Jacobs join a resistance group as you attempt to take back your life, your country, and your freedom. 

 This is where the war started: between the democratic Home and the communist Front.
Now, this all seems well and good, but sadly, none of the other elements really stand out with the story. Because of time restraints, I was unfortunately unable to check out the multiplayer – which sucks because I've heard some good things out of it – so this review will only pertain to the single player.  
Pros : 
  • Great story and wonderful setup help give the game a genuine, somehow plausible feel.
  • Collectible intel pieces help flesh out the backstory.
  • Well done opening scenes show you the horrid, dark future of the world.
  • Some nice array of weapons with multiple attachments add variety.
Cons : 
  • Way too short campaign. It took me less than 5 hours to beat the game and collect most of the intel.
  • Dated visuals. At some points they actually lent themselves well to the setting and everything, but other times the game looked like it came out of the last-gen consoles.
  • The shooting's alright, but that's it. You point, you shoot. Nothing special. The auto aiming occasionally not working at all doesn't help, either.
  • Brain dead AI that likes to either stand around doing nothing or stand literally right next to the enemy.
  • Repetitive mission design. After a while I started to notice I was ordered many times to "take out that RPG squad" or "follow Connor", which leads me to my next gripe...
  • Take that damn "Follow" prompt off the screen! If I'm standing near the guy I'm following – or, in most cases, running ahead of him because the AI took too long to realize what was going on – you don't need that pointless prompt constantly hovering over his head.
After finishing Homefront, I was left with such a sour taste in my mouth that I couldn't even bring myself to play one game of multiplayer. I just wanted to be done with it, and that shouldn't happen with any game. Having moderately high hopes for this game at the beginning left me with something to be desired at the end.

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