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Homeland is one of the four titles for the Nintendo GameCube which officially has support for online gameplay without the use of LAN, distinctions which otherwise go to various Phantasy Star Online games entirely. Developed by Chunsoft and released exclusively in Japan, Homeland spans two discs. One is devoted entirely to single-player gameplay while the other is only for online multiplayer. Homeland's implementation of online gameplay is notable by GameCube standards since it doesn't rely on developer-owned servers located elsewhere; rather, the player's GameCube plays the role of the server and is capable of hosting up to 30 players. It is therefore not an MMORPG in the conventional sense a la World of Warcraft, since the technology behind the game is meant to make many players the hosts of many smaller-scale games with only the hardware they already have, instead of the usual method of congregating numerous players across a few proprietary servers.

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