Still a great game. Anybody still actively play homeworld 2?

#1 Posted by Ninja (581 posts) -
Homeworld 2 is a beautiful space RTS.

So I installed homeworld 2 yesterday! What a great game, I still dint the campaign hard though. I have never completed it and I'm 20 this year so if I'm ever going to be good enough to do it then I should try and complete it now. I love playing player vs. cpu though. The graphics and gameplay still hold up very well. Anybody still actively playing homeworld 2? Anybody holding out hope for homeworld 3, it won't happen but it is a nice dream to have.

I feel like the RTS controls in a 3d environment are brilliant in this game.

I have just been adding mass effect logos to it so that I feel like I'm playing some mass effect space battles, maybe I'm too much of a nerd.

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Yes, with the PDS mod.

Desperately been waiting for HM3 for ages.

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I wonder if homeworld 2 will ever come to any donwload services, it's still completely playable and cheap, people should try pick it up.

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