Who Actually Owns Homeworld?

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I ask because I ran into this Kickstarter link today: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/teampix/homeworld-touch-ios-android-and-homeworld-3-pc-mac

THQ dissolved. The last I heard of Homeworld was that the IP was going to be put up on the auctioning block, along with a few other IPs, sometime in April. The Kickstarter "author," or whatever they're called, doesn't seem completely shady, but at the same time, is this even legal? Can you do a Kickstarter to A) raise funds for a product for an IP no one actually owns right now, or B) raise funds to buy an IP?

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I have just been looking at all this nonsense. They are acting like they own the franchise which I'm sure they don't but they do not mention how they will buy the franchise. Basically they are promising A LOT.

I mean this kickstarter is funding them to buy IP so they can then make a game... and they don't mention buying the IP. I wouldn't trust them. They use language like they will "license" the franchise.

This seems risky... I wouldn't back it and I love Homeworld. They are being transparent enough in the "Risks and Challenges" section of their kickstarter but they don't seem like they would have the resources to achieve this... maybe I'm pessimistic.

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well, this seems a bit misguided/possibly disastrous.

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Presumably THQ's creditors technically own the Homeworld license right now. However, I'm sure even a defunct franchise like Homeworld would sell for way more than the money they want. Especially if they want the assets to the old games as well. I'm surprised they can even have a Kickstarter for something they don't own or even have any realistic prospect of owning. I can take screenshots of Homeworld and display them on an iPad too, and that seems to be all they have. Their money-back guarantee also requires me to trust them, which I obviously have no reason to do. Good luck to them I guess, but I wouldn't touch this one.

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I really wish people would be more skeptical of kickstarter. The first few comments are all just assuming this guy has the rights to publish Homeworld games and talking about their donations. The entire thing is so goddamn sketchy.

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The big thing to consider here is that they have come out and openly declared that if the funds they raise aren't enough to claim the IP, they will give all contributors a refund.

Even then though, I will agree their offerings are a bit ambitious. :|

I bet odds are people wouldn't be as cautious about this if they focused on just offering Homeworld Touch and the re-releases of the franchise on GOG and Steam. I will agree that offering Homeworld 3 from the very start is a probably bit mis-guided and overly ambitious, because even if they get the IP, the odds of that actually working out do seem to be quite slim.

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"If we are unable to license and produce the project, we will refund your donation. teamPixel will even cover any campaign fees so you don't have to."

What if they license and don't produce? Do backers definitely get their money back then? Or even better, they license and produce but don't release... There's too much uncertainty in this, it seems like a quick way to make easy money by praying on Homeworld fans. If they were serious they would have made a better quality Kickstarter video.

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No way 50k is enough to buy and produce 2 homeworld games, smells of a scam or just an idiot with an internet connection connected to more idiots.

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THQ are selling it at the next bid. That kickstarter is really far from what I want to happen to Homeworld. I just want a homeworld 3 made by anyone, it has to be specifically made by a competent developer and those guys aren't that.

Especially since a Homeworld 3 has to be such a an ambitious project, it can't be just Homeworld with a shinier engine.

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So the kickstarter managed to reach it's funding on the last day. I can't see any good coming from this. Patrick should put on his Scoops hat and look in to this.

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Gearbox now owns Homeworld.

Gearbox has "great love and respect for Relic's brilliant, fun and innovative game"

Just like:

“You have to be, um, careful and respect the authenticity of the universe, and in many regards what’s been created gives us a lot to work with” - Randy Pitchford on Aliens:CM

I'm sure it'll be great.

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