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Hook Worlds plays almost identical to it's predecessors though it's gameplay is much more straightforward and simple. You are constantly moving in this game unlike in Super Quick Hook where you could manually move your character. There are opening scenes and endings to each level to establish story. There are only 4 levels, each one with it's own specific character, art style, gameplay, and difficulty. There is no store, upgrades, or currency like in Super Quick Hook and items are instead unlocked by getting predetermined high scores in the 4 levels.


World 1 - Curse of the Watcher

Gramps swinging through the jungle on a rainbow hook

In World 1 you play as Theodore "Gramps" Hooker. He is an Indiana Jones archetype and steals an idol that awakens a curse. The objective in this level is to move as fast as you can to avoid the curse that is chasing you for as long as you can. The longer you stay alive and the more distance you travel the higher your score will be. It is the easiest of the 4 levels.

World 2 - Bounty Gunner

You play as Zelle, a bounty hunter, who much collect gems throughout the level. You are armed with a revolver with six shots instead of rocket boots and have three hearts for only three hits before losing. You obtain gems by shooting ghost pirates and treasure chests. While your distance is recorded your score is only determined by how many gems you are able to pick up before dying.

Zelle shooting up pirate ghosts

Cybergnome 202X

You play as a gnome set in the sci-fi world of the year 202X. You are on the run and must use your gravity belt to get through the level. Using the belt will flip you upside down and vice versa to dodge obstacles all while you run away from the police. Slowing down too much and being caught by the police will end the level. Your score is determined by your distance and how many green gems you collected in the level.

The gravity belt in action

Hook Champ 1000

Hook Champ 1000 plays identical to World 1. You steal an idol and must outrun a curse while avoiding spikes and lava. It features a distinct Atari 2600 graphical style that sets it apart from the other levels.

Stealing the idol

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