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Hospital Tycoon was one of the last attempts by PC developers to recreate the magical experience brought to you by Theme Hospital. In Hospital Tycoon, there are two modes: Story and Sandbox. In the Story mode, there are three different "series" that contain four episodes each, increasing in difficulty as they go along. These episodes make up a generic, soap opera like plot that the game relies heavily on. In the Sandbox mode, you can choose 1 of 3 locations/buildings (unlocked via the Story mode) and use a slider to determine how much money you will start with (50k-150k).


When building up your hospital, you will see many similarities to the revered Theme Hospital. You will need to place various rooms with differing equipment to meet the needs of the patients. You will also need to build furniture, such as benches, soda machines, and plants for the patients as they wait to be treated. There is also a variety of staff to choose from with different specializations as well.

Unlike Theme Hospital, all room sizes are predetermined and placed in the hospital as blocks. There are enough variety of room sizes to make the hospital seem organic and most rooms will have plenty of space within to contain the machines needed to cure/diagnose the patients. Instead of building rooms with functions in mind, the objects placed in the blank rooms determine the function of the room. For example, placing an Examination desk in a room automatically makes the room an Examination room where patients first go when entering the hospital. You unlock more equipment as the game progresses (as long as you have a research department).

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