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Hostage: Rescue Mission was an NES game from 1988, placing the player in control of a six-man counter-terrorism team tasked with freeing hostages taken inside of an embassy.  Beginning with an infiltration stage, the player must sneak three of his operators past the vigilant eyes of the terrorists inside the building.  Utilizing a rudimentary cover system, each of the three operatives must in turn sneak, crawl, and run past searchlights that will result in instant death for the player, should an operator be caught in one.  After sneaking all three operators into position, the next phase of the game starts, the sniper phase.

All (surviving) operators will take shots into the embassy, attempting to kill any stray terrorists, softening up the building for the breaching operation to be completed by the othe three operators.  Sniping at any moving silhouettes in the embassy windows, the snipers attempt to whittle down the numbers of any terrorists inside.

All the while, there is a ticking clock, setting up a risk/reward situation.  The player can continue sniping at terrorists inside the building, at the cost of running out of time, resulting in the execution of any hostages.  After completing the sniping portion, the player must then rappel down the sides of the building with the three-man breaching element of the operation, crashing through windows to gain access to the interior of the embassy.  The player must then clear the embassy room-to-room in a rudimentary (especially considering it was an NES game) first-person perspective shooter, killing any terrorists while sparing hostages to complete the mission and win the game.

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