Crown Requirements for Challenge Levels

What are Crowns?

Crowns are obtained when certain criteria are met on a level, they are used to gain access to the VS2 levels on each rank.

How do I get them?

Stay a while and listen!These requirements are also revealed after beating Pandora.

Beginner Rank

1-1Win with over 2000 points. This only counts if you have 2000 points before getting your prize.
1-2Win with at least one Rising Shot.
1-3Hit GIR on a Par 4 and win
1-4Get Par Pace on every hole and win.
1-5Win with at least 3 bogeys
1-VSWin with at least one Eagle

Amateur Rank

2-1Keep a perfect impact rate of 50% and win.
2-2Keep a fairway rate of 100% and win.
2-3Put a spin on every ball and win.
2-4Win with over 2000 points.
2-5Win without using a spin shot.
2-VS/2Complete Victory in first three holes.

Pro Rank

3-1Win with at least one putt over 10m. (Par or better)
3-2Win with at least one pin shot.
3-3Win with at least 3 birdies in a row.
3-4Stay off the rough and win.
3-5Win with at least 3 birdies in a row.
3-VS/2Sink all holes with one putt and win.

Bronze Rank

4-1Win with a total score of -3 or better
4-2Keep a fairway rate of 80% and win
4-3Keep hitting GIR and win (similar to 1-4, but bad weather!)
4-4Win a total score of -4 or better
4-5Win without going out of bounds or hitting a water hazard
4-VS/2Win with consecutive birdies

Silver Rank

5-1Land within 1M of the pin (GIR or better) and win
5-2Win without using spin shots
5-3Keep hitting GIR and win
5-4Win with over 1500 points
5-5Win with a chip-in (Birdie or better)
5-VS/2Win without getting a bogey

Gold Rank

6-1Land within 2m of the pin (GIR or better) and win
6-2Win without going OOB or hitting a WH
6-3Win without landing in a bunker
6-4Land within 3m of the pin (GIR or better) and win
6-5Get a birdie on the last hole and win
6-VS/2Win without using a power shot

Platinum Rank

7-VS/2Win with a set number club (don't change your club!)

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