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Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Driver is a game based not off racing opponents but on racing the clock and in performing stunts.  Players race through one of the games several tracks against a clock with the aim to get to the end and pull off plenty of stunts along the way. The better you do the more cars you unlock. There are a total of twelve cars and seven tracks, including a secret one. The game has a sequel "Stunt Track Driver 2: GET 'N DIRTY".


  1. Red Wrecker/Towing Truck
  2. Blue Indy Car 
  3. Orange Hot Rod Coupe
  4. Red Kids Wagon
  5. Purple Sprint Car
  6. Blue Lamborghini 
  7. Purple Jet Car
  8. Black Indy Car
  9. Red Drag Strip Racer
  10. Blue Car
  11. Navy Blue Car
  12. Yellow Sting-Ray Car


Track #1: The Living Room

Default Time - 1:15
Gold Medal Unlockable: Orange Hot Rod Coupe

Track #2: The Children's Room

Default Time - 1:05
Gold Medal Unlockable: Purple Jet Car

Track #3: The Greenhouse

Default Time - 1:05
Gold Medal Unlockable: Navy Blue Car

Track #4: The Attic

Default Time - 0:55
Gold Medal Unlockable: Blue Indy Car

Track #5: The Backyard

Default Time - 1:25
Gold Medal Unlockable: Yellow Sting-Ray Car

Track #6: The Game Room

Default Time - 0:52
Gold Medal Unlockable: None

Track #7: Green Grid Map

Default Time - None
Gold Medal Unlockable: None

Custom Track

Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver also included a custom track option where you could piece together individual pieces of track to make your own. They also add in different functions on the keyboard.

C = Instant Crash. - Available in all tracks.
L = Toggle Head Lights
W = Switches between the garage and just plain darkness
Space Bar = Car Horn

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