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The Hotel Dusk games, developed by the now-defunct CiNG for the Nintendo DS, have a strong focus on storytelling, often being called "interactive mystery novels". The two games in the series, Hotel Dusk: Room 215 and Last Window: The Secret of Cape West, are self-contained stories revolving around the main character, Kyle Hyde, who narrates the proceedings in a first-person manner. Heavily influenced by film noir, each game opens with a overarching mystery to be solved which is intricately related to Hyde's past. Along the way, Hyde tends to get embroiled in the smaller mysteries and problems of those around him, some of which slowly reveal the bigger picture of the final mystery. Gameplay consists of a mixture of point-and-click investigation, questioning characters, and solving puzzles.

A standout feature of the series is the hand-drawn rotoscoped art style it uses for it's characters. Using video of real-life actors, animators sketch over each frame of the video to create characters with lifelike animations. A video detailing the process can be viewed here.

Plot Overview

Kyle Hyde is an ex-cop who now works for one of his father's old friends as a door-to-door salesman. Though the games feature standalone stories, there are a small number of reoccurring characters, most notably Ed Vincent, Hyde's boss, and Rachel, Ed's secretary whom Hyde holds some fondness for. Using his sales company as a front, Ed runs a secret side business which is vaguely defined as "finding items that don't want to be found" for clients. Ed often enlists Hyde's help in these cases, which are more suited to Kyle's detective past than his poor interpersonal skills are.

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