Hotline Miami 2 - Teaser Trailer

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Two questions:

1) Do we find out wtf is going on?

2) Will this game consist of brutally killing 100s of Ruski gangsters?

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Maybe and Probably.

#3 Posted by schizzy (22 posts) -

Hell yeah I can't wait.

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I'm really excited to see where the story goes.

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oh i am so fucking excited

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Looks as if there is some squad based gameplay/co-op! That would be pretty cool.

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I look forward to playing but I'm REALLY excited about a new Hotline Miami soundtrack!

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My main question: whether I'm more excited for the game or the soundtrack? It's neck and neck.

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@smitty86 said:

My main question: whether I'm more excited for the game or the soundtrack? It's neck and neck.

I was about to post the exact same thing. I think Soundtrack is winning out for me. I love that original soundtrack.

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oh god I am so ready for this.

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Can't wait. Hopefully I get more free stuff from a guy who works at every store in Miami.

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bee tee dubs, this is the song from the trailer:

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This article at Rock Paper Shotgun seems to answer both of your questions:

1) Copycats reenacting Hotline Miami.

2) Maybe, since the game supposedly takes place before and after the first game.

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Gameplay and interview from Rev3 (not featuring Sess :( But Max Scoville is alright). It sure looks like Hotline Miami. Which really is fine by me. Looks good and the fact that they're shooting for late 2013 is exciting.

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