Confirmed for PS4 w/ cross buy; "Surprises at E3 with Sony"

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Hotline Miami is coming to PS4 as we’d already suspected, but it has now been confirmed with cross-buy, meaning that if you have either the PS3 of PS Vita editions already you’ll get the new build at no extra cost.

Speaking with Destructoid, Devolver Digital’s Nigel Lowrie said “We’re going to bring Hotline Miami 1 to PS4… and we’re going to keep it Cross-buy because we feel that if the user has already bought it for a PlayStation platform, they have the right to own it on Vita, on PS4, on PS3. It’s different on PlayStation to PC because they’re totally different environments.”

Generous stuff no? It’s being developed by Dutch studio Abstraction Games, under the keen eye of creators Dennaton Games.


It is good to see devolver using the cross buy system for HM on PS4. I started it on PS3 but it is good to know i will get the PS4 version at no extra cost.

They also teased some surprises with sony at E3 in the following video.

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I don't care much for the port since the flimsy PC I had before could play it perfectly (and I never felt a controller would improve the experience). Good thing for them though, I loved that game and if it brings the game to new people then I'm happy.

That said, curious to see what is going to be at E3. I would guess that Hotline Miami 2 would also be on consoles and that's it, but maybe there's more. We'll see.

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That's good news for me. I already own it and and never got around to playing it on PS3.

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@fear_the_booboo: They patched in 360 controller support for Hotline Miami at some point.

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The best and only way to play the game is on the Vita I just didn't care for playing it on the PS3 so I don't know how the PS4 will be different.

BUT at least they are doing this and not making people buy the game again, looking at you NINTENDO!

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@mb: Yeah that's true. Is it any good? I always felt the mouse+kb was perfect for that game, and I've never been a big PC gamer.

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@fear_the_booboo: it takes a little to get used to but I ended up being better at the game (still not beat stage four better, but better) by the end of my time with it. My hands are definitely a lot more used to a controller so there was a lot less pressing the wrong button, throwing my weapon away when I meant to do something else or whatever. I also noticed there was a lock-on on the console version which I never used on Mac and that was super helpful.

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i find it funny this supposedly amazing hardware is being used to showcase (albeit cool) indie games with retro graphics. it's not what i would have expected of the PS4 when it was revealed.

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i find it funny this supposedly amazing hardware is being used to showcase (albeit cool) indie games with retro graphics. it's not what i would have expected of the PS4 when it was revealed.

That's my problem with Sony right now is that they are focusing too much indie games. The games are fun and a nice addition but they should really be focusing on getting really high quality retail games. Again indie games are cool, but my laptop can run most of them at full quality, and if i wait a month or so i can normally get a bunch of them from Humble Bundle.

I hope Sony has some big games announced at E3, and not just 60 minutes of extra game play nonsense that they have been doing recently. Although with their current financial situation i doubt they will be buying exclusives anytime soon.

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@ripelivejam: When the 360 first came out and an old friend got one, he spent most of his time playing some really basic games because, well Perfect Dark was all he had on it other than those games.

I'm not surprised to see this many indies going to the PS4 so early on. It's hardware will get pushed in time. What's more worrying is the Vita, who has all this great hardware, but no development that's pushing it apart from maybe one or two games.

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@zombie2011: They have those games lined up in fact two premier titles just debuted last week. The focus on indie games is great. Its the appetisers that keep you playing and engaging with your PS4 during the down months. And considering many of them are debuting on PS+ at no additional cost you will always have something interesting to do on PS4 even if it doesn't have the wizbang graphics of inFAMOUS or Ground Zeroes. Its not the main attraction for sure but they are good reasons to keep your PS4 on between big releases.

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That soundtrack got me into Perturbator, which you should be too if you like the Hotline Miami soundtrack.

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