Easy way to get A+ on all levels.

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You'll need the grasshopper mask which you find at the beginning of level 8 next to a dead guy. This mask will let you start with a drill at the beginning of every mission. If you do an execution with the drill you'll get like 5,000 points. I got A+ on every level using this method without having to worry about combos.

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Will try this out once I beat that damned last boss, didn't even notice before level 12 or something that you could pick up mask and those gems in the levels.

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Didn't know you could pick up stuff like that. Tried it on the first level, easy A+. Can't really be intended though... I imagine A+ would be stringing the entire place into one gigantic combo. How do you normally get it?

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Well it's pretty hard to pull of in the later level because the drill as a weapon sucks and the execution takes a damn long time.

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Picking up weapons gives you points...

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