Game breaking glitch?

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Hey guys. First off I wanna say I am absolutely loving the very small amount I have played of Hotline Miami. Real trippy feel to it. I am on chapter 4 and after killing all the dudes in the first stage, when going past the next stage arrow, I end up on the other side of it instead of the next stage. I have tried reinstalling and all that gaff but it does the same thing everytime. Is my game biffed for good?

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@ikusaba: Same thing is happening to me, haven't found a way to fix it yet :/

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Might be biffed. Never heard of this problem before. A patch is coming soon, though.

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I asked around on facebook and Cactus replied.

It's an annoying bug he can't get rid off, the mac version is coming soon though.

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Thanks for the replies y'all. Can't stop playing this so I guess I will try to get higher scores on previous levels.

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There is a way to edit save files and set this level as clear. That's what I ended up doing in order to progress.

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I had something similar happen to me on one of the last levels. A real shame.

Having said that, the game does have one of my favourite 'glitches' (if you can call it that): Try hitting a dog with a pan of boiling water.

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I just got the game in the recent sale and this happened to me. No idea how to fix it.

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