Good program to get those .ogg soundtrack files

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Hey guys,

I am playing it safe on my resurrected PC with a shiny copy of Windows 8, and I want to know what's the easiest way to get these soundtrack files onto a CD or something. If I can do that straight, that would be cool, but most of what I am seeing says the .ogg files needs to be converted. I turn to you to give me suggestions on the best way to do this and the best file converter to use that will not invade my computer's information orifices. Thanks in advance.

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You could just download audacity, the LAME plugin for MP3 support, then just open the ogg and export as MP3.

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Or just poke around the internet till you find them in .mp3.

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VLC works for me.

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I personally use dBpoweramp to convert files, it is an excellent program but not free. 

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I recommend FREAC, it's an open source audio program you can use to convert music files (even oggs) into any format.

It's free and open source, which means it wont contain any ads or ask you to pay for anything. Plus you get the source code, so you can modify and make changes to it if you need to.

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You should buy a stereo that respects your freedom and plays open formats ;)

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I use a program downloaded from Cnet called Easy CD-DA Extractor for audio file conversion. The 30 day trial is fully functional. Nice and fast, converts all files at once into whatever format you would like.

freac looks good, I might use that in future. EDIT-- tried freac just now. Works great. Recommended.

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