I can't describe how much I'm looking forward to this.

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It's like the devs really know me, man

[Edited due to forum warriors getting uptight, as per.]

This game has pretty much everything I could wish for, right now.

Seriously, go put on some porsche design sunglasses check the trailer out if you haven't already.

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You are useless.

Wish I could flag on mobile site

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@Sackmanjones said:

You are useless. Wish I could flag on mobile site

Did it for you

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Anyway, how about that awesome soundtrack & trippy visual style in the trailer?

Got some weird Lynchian vibes, at times.

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@HorseFactory: I'm watching a dude stream this game right now on Twitch and, duder, I have to agree. The game looks awesome. I can't believe how this style of game haven't been done in this way before. I'm putting it in muy calender, right... about... nnnow.

(yes, I bumped the thread. Cause people need to hear about this)

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There are only 2 threads here. Hard to miss.

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