M|O|O|N from Hotline Miami playing a LIVE show in SF!

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When I first heard M|O|O|N's tracks from Hotline Miami, I was blown away. The moody, yet danceable tracks with a throwback vibe just fit the game so perfectly. From the creepy drug induced mood-setting vibe of "Paris" to the mesmerizing beats of "Hydrogen." I fucking love this guy's music.

So much so that I booked him to play a LIVE show in San Francisco at an Art & Music show called Beasts & Beats. So if you're in the area, come out, check out some rad art and some musical vibes from M|O|O|N all the way from Boston:


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You booked him? Good on ya. If I lived around there I'd so go.

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Be prepared to have people start murdering each other in the middle of their set.

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Weapons will be supplied at the door and random places throughout the club.

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Is it BYOHM (Bring Your Own Horse Mask)?

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@h8raid said:

Is it BYOHM (Bring Your Own Horse Mask)?

oh you mean my own Don Juan?

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There are some students over at 161 Erie St. that need to be taught a lesson. Please take care of the situation. Janitors will be by to clean up afterwards.

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If i can make it i will definitely be there.

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