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Probably some of you already know, but in the game's folder you can find all of the game's songs in ogg format, ready to copy and take with you.

Now if you feel any weird desires of starting a series of random violent acts on the street, that is entirely unrelated to the music.

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Thanks for the info xen. I now have it playing on Foobar2000.

#4 Posted by xengiantbomb (23 posts) -

I hope they put the OST on sale, it's amazing the amount of people they got in there, pretty damn talented too.

#5 Posted by Coafi (1519 posts) -

That soundtrack is pretty hot.

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@Gradev: Fantastic news! I hope they put it up on Bandcamp, or somewhere that sells FLACs. Some dude uploaded a selection of the soundtrack over here, but it is (a) not official, and (b) not for download. As a sidenote, that seems doubly weird, as I don't think Bandcamp accepts lossy audio - maybe the dude upconverted the .ogg (or Soundcloud MP3?) files to WAV or FLAC before uploading, but that would be kind of crazy. Maybe they have different rules if you aren't enabling downloads? I have never uploaded music there, so I've no idea.

...I suppose none of that is really relevant to the discussion at hand. I hope they put up an official download, because I'd love a proper collection of those tracks.

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MOON's EP is on Bandcamp to buy, all 4 of those tracks are in the game. Perturbator's "Electric Dreams" is also on the soundtrack, as well as Daisuke and Crush from this El Huervo album. Jasper Byrne also has a Hotline Miami EP, the first 2 tracks feature in-game. All those links are Bandcamp, btw. Figured I'd throw them out there since you mentioned it.

Hopefully they get the rights to sell the whole set as a complete bundle though, that'd be pretty amazing.

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@jayc4life: Awesome, thanks for finding all that. If all the tracks are existent pieces licensed for the soundtrack, I wonder if it might be more couth to track them all down, buy them from the artists, then put them into a Hotline Miami playlist - I'm a big fan of listening to original albums/EPs rather than compilations. It'd be more of a hassle than Devolver simply releasing the soundtrack, but it'd be kind of nice to have the tracks in their original context as well. Hmm.

Thanks for tipping me off to this; I'll head further down that rabbit hole later.

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Some of that soundtrack is the best game music of the year (Been a fan of Perturbator for some time, and CoConuts and Sun Araw are new revelations to me), and some of it makes me want to never listen to music ever again. One of the MOON tracks in particular is fucking abominable; For a game with so much abrasive sound, it's funny how a single shrill FM siren can fuck up my day. Everything in the game seems to have a place and then suddenly there's some fucking amateur hour laptop rocker dance music. And I say that as an amateur producer of laptop rocker dance music.

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My notebook can't even play the damn game but you just sold another copy simply for the fact the soundtrack is on there.

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Seems like the only song that's not in the directory is Vengeance by Perturbator.

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