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In Half-Life, the Houndeye is a bizarre-looking 'dog' with three legs and several dozen eyes that chases after the player.  It makes a chirrupy noise and blinks with an eyelid that surrounds it entire eye to indicate it is charging its attack, then releases a sonic wave in a set radius around itself capable of stunning the player.  Individually it is little of a threat, easily killed with a few pistol shots.  However, in packs, they can be deadly to unsuspecting players.

Multiple Houndeyes' sonic attack
The Houndeye was also originally set to appear in the sequel, Half-Life 2, but was cut from the final release.  However, a popular free mod for the game ("SMOD" or Super Mod) replaces them at several points in the game, much to the delight of players who were dismayed because they did not make it into the base game. 
Also, the Houndeye has been shown to appear in the upcoming Half-Life 2 Mod, Black Mesa, reinvented with the improved graphics engine from Half-Life 2: Episode Two.

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