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Artwork of Hrist
Hrist is the eldest of the three Valkyrie sisters, a Chooser of the Slain, and the Goddess of the Past. Hrist wears black armor, and has black hair, making her the least colorful valkyrie. While Hrist is the only of the three Valkyrie sisters not to be the primary character in a Valkyrie Profile game, she was a prominent character in both Valkyrie Profile and Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria.

Of the three Valkyrie sisters, Hrist is without a doubt the most ruthless, she takes no prisoners, and she'll do whatever it takes to accomplish her goals. Hrist is of the mindset that the means are justified by the ends. Hrist finds pleasure in battle, destruction, and chaos, and in seeing her opponents suffer. Hrist is also the most loyal of her sisters to Odin, and will do whatever it is he bids of her, often without question. Hrist is also very loyal to her sisters Lenneth and Silmeria, and perhaps would even defy Odin to protect them. Similarly, Hrist is quite loyal to her Einherjar, and will protect them at any cost. Hrist is the most determined of her three sisters, and the most ambitious, always seeking to please Odin more than any other. Hrist is the wisest and most intelligent of the three valkyrie sisters, as well.

Hrist in Valkyrie Profile 2
While Hrist has generally held humans in contempt like the rest of the Aesir, she softened during the events of the second game, becoming more compassionate and respectful towards humans, like her younger sisters.

In the original game, during one ending Hrist is referred to by Freya as the Valkyrie's "secondary ego." It is suggested that, in Fruedian Terms, Hrist is in fact the ego of the of the Valkyrie. This is evidenced in her personality, by her realism and loyalty.

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth

Hrist in Valkyrie Profile
Hrist does not appear until late in the game, but her role is fairly important in the game. She first appears when Lenneth is sent into the past, when Hrist was the acting valkyrie. Lenneth witnesses her as she sends the city of Dipan to ruins, with Arngrim and Llewellyn at her side.

Later in the game, when Lenneth's seal is broken, her psyche is replaced by that of Hrist. Hrist reveals the nature of the Valkyrie to the characters, then sets off to do battle with Brahms and free her sister, Silmeria. She is defeated by Brahms, Arngrim, Mystina, and Lezard.

Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria

Hrist is the acting valkyrie during the events of Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria, and throughout the title goes through great change, showing compassion towards humans and disloyalty towards Odin. In the beginning of the game, Hrist is pursuing Silmeria, attempting to force her to return to Valhalla. When her attempts are unsuccessful, she disguises herself as the mercenary Leone, and joins Silmeria's group with Arngrim. Through her travels with the group, she comes to understand the human condition, and compassion grows within her. As she gets to know her sister more, she grows to care for her even more than she did before.
Hrist in Valkyrie Profile 2

Later in the game, Hrist is seen bringing an end to Dipan, just as she did in the original title. She is defeated by Alicia and Silmeria there, but is reincarnated in Valhalla. When she begins searching for Einherjar to air her, Arngrim tells her that most humans would be better off without Odin. At this point, Hrist begins to doubt the All Father, who she had been so loyal to.

Late in the game, to defeat Lezard, Hrist fuses with her three sister to form the singular Valkyrie.

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