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Human Head Studios is an independent, privately owned game developer located in Madison, Wisconsin. Human Head Studios was founded in 1997 by six former developers from Raven Software - Chris Rhinehart, Paul MacArthur, Shane Gurno, Ben Gokey, James Sumwalt, Ted Halsted, and later joined by game producer Tim Gerritsen.

They began as a single team development studio, dedicated to creating the highest quality video games. Their first title was the highly innovative and award winning Rune, a third-person Viking action game. In 2005 had the studio expanded to more than 35 game developers and in 2006 they released the first-person shooter Prey, which was executive produced by 3D Realms.


TitlePublisherRelease Year
Blair Witch, Volume II: The Legend of Coffin RockGathering2000
Rune: Halls of ValhallaGathering2001
Dead Man's HandAtari2004
Prey2K Games2006
Prey 2Bethesda2013

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