Human - concept or object?

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I don't object to this article's current position but I do want to see what others think.... Discuss...
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well according to giantbomb all races are concepts

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I missed that. Kind of settles the debate too. :-/

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I for one think this is a dumb concept.  "Human" is a near universal concept in these terms, and it could apply to 95% of all games made.  Maybe there needs to be a concept called "Features No Humans" to differentiate those. 
edit:  Let me add to this, because I think my post was too rude.  I meant to say that if a concept can be so broad as to include such a broad swath of the entire medium, it doesn't have enough relevance or distinction to be meaningful.  You could include other items that are close, such as "weapon" or "interaction" or "perspective".  Because these concepts provide nothing in the way of differentiation from other games, the fact that two games are connected via their common "human" concept becomes, almost, a joke.

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Yeah, it's a concept.

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dvaeg, this is a database... we need to cover all bases here, I don't object to the human page, or the grass page, or the game pause page... and hell! I CREATED the Explosion page...

to the topic creator:
the best way to distinguish between concepts and objects is this: can you own it?
if you can own it... it's an object, if you can't... it's a concept...

for example: the grass page is under objects, because you could buy land... or you could even take some grass and put it in your pocket...
the explosions page is a concept, because you can't own it or keep it...

if we created a device that let you take an entire planet and keep it, then you could own that, so planets are objects...
however... you can never own time, because time is not physical...

I think the best way to differentiate is between tangible and non-tangible items...

although... I wonder what a clouds page would be? object or concept?

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Cadaver or Body or Corpse would be the object.

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Human is a stupid concept. I can see that some mod accepted it though. Seems like a real point whoring concept to me...

Unless games really focus around the development of humans, such as some sim games - this concept is really too broad. Too many users abuse concepts to earn Wiki points...

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I submitted it. :D
There are other concepts that are in most games, like health.

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