Humble Bundle 7

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Dungeon Defenders + all DLC

Legend of Grimrock


The Binding of Isaac + Wrath of the Lamb DLC


Shank 2

Indie Game - The Movie.

Time to get donating, fucking awesome bundle.

I also already have a spare copy of indie game so if anyone wants it then PM me, first come first served.

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Can a mod attach this to the general forum as well please.

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@Imsorrymsjackson Call that indie game movie!

Edit: I would get the humble bundle if I had money, those games sounds like fun.

#4 Posted by Vexxan (4624 posts) -

Maybe not the best bundle since I have some of the stuff but I'm throwing in some money anyway.

#5 Posted by jdh5153 (1097 posts) -

Never heard of any of those games other than Dungeon Defenders (have it) and Indie Movie (on Netflix). So not buying this one. I don't think I've played any of the indie games in any of the bundles...Not really a fan of indie games...

#6 Posted by believer258 (12804 posts) -

Sounds cool. I have none of these games.

#7 Posted by iBePeRFeCT (397 posts) -

That is a pretty impressive bundle in my opinion. Binding of Isaac, Legends of Grimrock, and Dungeon Defenders are all fantastic games.

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Aw they fucked up by offering Wrath of the Lamb DLC with Binding of Isaac. That permanently makes the game a LOT more difficult, which will surely turn away some newcomers. I suppose there's the non-steam version of BoI and that might not have the WotL DLC baked in. Regardless, this is a great Humble Bundle.
edit: Nope. DRM free Isaac has Wrath DLC baked in.

#9 Posted by Lumley (998 posts) -

Tempted to get it just for Dungeon Defenders + all the DLC. On steam the game + all of the DLC are worth £40 and with the bundle it's only £3.70.

I already own Binding of Isaac and Legend of Grimrock - and I've watched Indie Game - The Movie.

#10 Posted by Azteck (7416 posts) -

Ehhh this isn't a great bundle for me personally.

#11 Posted by jakob187 (22335 posts) -

I already own the majority of what is on that list.

#12 Posted by awesomeusername (4528 posts) -

Bought it, gave Dungeon Defenders away. Have it on PS3 because of PS+ but I hope I enjoy these games. I heard of them but never really checked them out.

#13 Posted by thebunnyhunter (1516 posts) -

didnt the last one just know what why the fuck am i complaining?

#14 Posted by commonoutlier (140 posts) -

This is probably the first bundle that doesn't have any games I have yet, and games I've been meaning to play anyway. Very cool.

I'm also very pleased they're now dividing up all the Steam keys, since I like being able to give away games I already have (not that I had any to give away this round). It was one thing that the Indie Royale bundle had over Humble Bundle, but now it no longer even has that over Humble Bundle.

#15 Posted by Gahzoo (363 posts) -

Think I'll pick it up since I've been wanting to try Grimrock, and I've gotten most of these anyways.

#16 Posted by charlie_victor_bravo (1203 posts) -

Sweet. Been on the fence about Grimrock, but at this price take my money.

#17 Posted by Tearhead (2388 posts) -

I already have Dungeon Defenders, Shank 2 and Closure thanks to PS+, so I think I'll pass on this one.

#18 Posted by Ducksworth (670 posts) -

Woah, individual keys. Nothing that I really want but bought it anyway just so my profile page says I bought it.

#19 Posted by SirOptimusPrime (2037 posts) -

Don't have a single game and haven't seen Indie Game, so yeah... bought that immediately. Probably won't get into any of those games for a long while, but whatever.

Legend of Grimrock and Binding of Isaac alone would have been worth it.

#20 Posted by Zor (710 posts) -

Ah, more games to add to my back log.... i think it is up to about 20 now... gah, i want to play more of them, but at the same time, i don't want to rush through them too quickly, well more so than i have already (played about 105 games this year so far, guessing i'll get to 110 by years end (didn't complete most of them (i think))).

#21 Posted by MB (14026 posts) -

This is a pretty impressive bundle. I didn't own a single one of these, but have been close to buying both Binding of Isaac and Dungeon Defenders recently, so I definitely jumped on this one.

#22 Posted by FrankieSpankie (228 posts) -

Awesome bundle. Curious if they add anything later and what it'll be. I bought it just for Snapshot as I own all the others. I played Snapshot at PAX East and liked it. Legend of Grimrock is easily my favorite of that bunch. Solid bundle all around for sure.

#23 Posted by Snail (8772 posts) -

@SexyToad said:

@Imsorrymsjackson Call that indie game movie!

Edit: I would get the humble bundle if I had money, those games sounds like fun.

You realize you can get all these games for as little as 7$ right?

#24 Posted by SexyToad (2939 posts) -

@SexyToad said:

@Imsorrymsjackson Call that indie game movie!

Edit: I would get the humble bundle if I had money, those games sounds like fun.

You realize you can get all these games for as little as 7$ right?

I don't have "virtual" money. I don't have a job yet so no need for a credit card or visa. My parents wouldn't get me it either so...

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